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What is Zaum?

Zaum is 'beyond the mind' – meaning cannot be determined. It seeks to inspire creative thought on the use of every day words and speech.

Zaum is a girl who loves words. Zaum offers copy writing, editing and proofing services while promoting creative thought and a splash of colour. Zaum encourages you to push your boundaries while remaining grammatically correct.

Who am I?


Jessica Davies

Current location:

Sunny Manchester, England –


BA (Communications and Cultural Studies) majoring in Professional Writing and Presentation

Favourite word:


I like:

Chocolate, contemplating alternative uses for socks, the colour red

I dislike:

The misuse of apostrophes, bramblers (people who walk slowly on footpaths hence blocking your way), French people who not only bramble, but take up the entire footpath and refuse to move out of your way even if you're heading straight for a collision.

I write:

About anything, really. My experience so far has revolved largely around marketing material for print and web but one day I will write something that is printed in hard cover, has great pictures and has my name on the front cover. Until that happens, I pay the bills by doing freelance copy writing and editing for anyone who needs it. And I write about my favourite place – Paris.

One day I will:

Run my own chocolate café and attend the premier of the movie based on my award winning book.