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In response to a request from a regular reader (thank you!) I am initiating a new section in this blog where I will discuss a word and all its wordiness. I feel it appropriate to start off with my favourite word:


Don’t you just want to eat it? The way it rolls around in your mouth and then rolls your tongue in a final flourish… Delicious! I’m not entirely sure why I like it so much. I think it is the general sound and feel of the word and the fact that not many people use it. It looks/sounds so good when it is thrown into a sentence!

A brief glance at wiktionary (the source of all knowledge) says it has two meanings:

  1. A difficult question or riddle, particularly one that uses a play on words, or
  2. A difficult choice or decision that has to be made.

I particularly enjoy the fact that the two examples provided by wiktionary come from Jane Austen in 1816 and Martha Stewart in 2004. My choice of conundrum as my first word to satisfy my reader’s desires is perfect as she is a morphed version of Jane and Martha!

Anyway, conundrum. Having to choose between 70% and 80% cocoa – that’s a conundrum. Being told both Nate AND Dan from Gossip Girl like you but you can only go out with one – that’s a conundrum. Realising this blog entry didn’t really have a point isn’t so much a conundrum as a disappointment but hopefully through writing a long winded sentence that just goes and on and on and on you will forget that this is the case, become extraordinarily confused and pass this off as a piece of pure genius.

The conundrum ends.

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  1. YEAHHHHH! Now should you have chocolate with that coffee…not really a conundrum, the answer is always yes.
    Love Martha-Jane! (I may just adopt this as a name!)

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