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The English language is a real odd-ball sometimes. I am currently receiving French tuition from a lovely French girl who loves language just as much as I do. When we sit and discuss the conjugation of French verbs and I ask questions that generally sound like, “Why do you say that?” we are constantly questioning the logic behind both the English and French languages. Sometimes it’s just plain STUPID. I think English takes the cake for Most Stupid Language in Existence, though. There are so many rules and so many exceptions to those rules resulting in the rules being wastes of time.

One of my biggest gripes is the fact that we don’t spell words how they sound. The fact that homophones and homonyms exist is just annoying. Life at primary school would have been so much more enjoyable if I hadn’t been forced to learn homophones. Actually, who am I kidding? I loved learning homophones but that’s because I’m a word nerd. This rant all stemmed from an email I was just writing. I was trying to write a version of the word “business” incorporating the word “whack.” I couldn’t decide how to spell it. Buswhack was my first option, an obvious derivative of business. But really that describes what happens when you get hit by a large people carrier. I then wanted to add an ‘i’ to create the right sound but business puts the ‘i’ after the ‘s’. I was oh so confused. I ended up writing ‘Bizwhack’ and avoiding the whole business concept and then wrote a lengthy explanation about what I was trying to write.

It amazes me how people can learn English when they have to get over the concept that “read” and “read” are both present and past tense. I suppose the French do similar things and I have recently discovered that there are about 5 additional tenses of French verbs that I was unaware of during my 7 years of French education. Excellent.
And now a short test for you all. Spot the error on this Sydney-based sign and win fabulous prizes!

Roed Closures sign

Good work, kids.

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  1. Squid says:

    Oh! I know! I know! 😀

    The 10th of January is a SUNDAY!

    What’s my prize?

  2. Jess says:

    Umm……. right.

  3. hahah was the roed closed so millions of people can cycle up and down it?

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