Resin Trials

Ahh Fridays… I love how it feels ok to spend a Friday doing things that are slightly less-work related. Although I claim all creative activities as work related as on my business card I have declared my job description is “Writing and stuff” and these fall under the “and stuff” section. So this morning’s activities were definitely work related and could at some stage turn into billable hours. This morning I experimented with my resin! Here are the results:

Resin experiment

It's difficult to take a photo of clear and red resin in a red silicone mould

The picture is terrible (red silicone mould + red/clear resin + bad lighting = impossible) but you may be able to see that some of the shapes have been filled with resin! I made two batches of clear resin by combining liquid resin and a hardener and then trialled three different red pigments to see how they work. It was rather fun but sticky and messy and I need to learn how to clean my measuring cups. I also need some larger pots to mix the resin in. But that’s what trials are for – to learn what you need to do next time!

Fingers crossed it all works out and tomorrow lunch time I will hopefully have some fabulous resin shapes that I can sand and buff and give to people as birthday/wedding/engagement/easter presents. Ha ha! Resin for all – you cannot escape! I just met some ex-colleagues for lunch (mmm… laksa) and one of them called me Jess the Resinator. I thought it was brilliant. She’s a writer too. Pure genius.

Meanwhile, I’d like to introduce you all to my new hero, Cindy. She has a resin website called Resin Obsession and she has taught me everything I know. You, too, can learn how to make resin jewellery! Cindy will tell you all about it…

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