Riding Along On My Pushbike, Honey…

When I noticed you!
I am officially a sheep. Not only do I follow the crowds and write about THE ULTIMATE STORM but now I have invested in a potentially over priced but OH SO GORGEOUS bike. I have just returned home from a meeting which I attended by bike. How delightful! It is an Electra Amsterdam Classic 3i – it’s black so it goes very fast and looks slick; it has a brown leather seat and handle bars; it has an adorable little light that I will most likely remove and replace with an adorable little basket; and it has GREAT mud guards. It is the coolest bike in town and it is mine, all mine! Apparently Electra only ship a few bikes in to Australia and then they are distributed widely to all of the dealers across the country, so I am very lucky to have nabbed this one. Thank you, Wembley Cycles.


Bike, these are my readers. Readers, this is my bike.

I have discovered that I will need to get used to the sweat factor. Well really, everyone around me will need to get used to my sweat factor! Gross. Oh and I had a few issues with skirt + wind. But I can step so elegantly over the low frame, sit up tall and ride around like a lady. If only I didn’t have to wear an ugly helmet. Meanwhile, here is a photo I took on my ride along the river:


My favourite shed in a river.

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3 Responses to “Riding Along On My Pushbike, Honey…”

  1. Frenchy Bon Bon says:

    Nice bike. Can you do stunting on it?

  2. Deanna says:

    Riding along on a pushbike Honey when I noticed you….Riding along in a a hurry Honey, down South Avenue…..You looked so pretty as you were riding along….you looked so pretty as you were singing this soooooong……..

  3. Jess says:

    Round round wheels going round round round…

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