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Dinner Discussions

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Thursday nights for me are family dinner nights where the topics of conversation can drift between work, people we know, daily events and the latest adventures of Bear Grylls. Last night was no exception and the topics covered also included home births and the Pope. Not necessarily the Pope having a home birth but they were certainly discussed within the same sitting. Anyway, the Pope discussion was of particular interest when my Grandmother started saying that he was too old and ugly (“Have you seen his face?”) and I suggested we just get rid of the entire Pope concept all together. This obviously wouldn’t be the best option for the majority of the billion-plus Catholic believers who seem to like him.

So we decided that maybe it would be better to open up the position of Pope to the wider community – why should the Pope be an old man with an ugly face? Why can’t a young, blonde chick be the leader of the pack? She’d probably love all of the bling lying around the Vatican. Our discussions lead to the suggestion of the ultimate democratic election of a new Pope – a reality television show called Master Pope. Anyone can enter and through various tests, trials and back ground checks, the top 50 applicants from around the world would compete for the title. They would then live together in the Vatican and partake in a series of challenges. These would include taking tour groups around the Vatican museum (this will test their knowledge of all of the saints depicted in the paintings, as well as their patience), reading aloud from the bible (how often do they have to look at the words?) and a one on one consultation with a sinner.

The world would watch and at the end of each week there would be an elimination show where someone would be voted off. It would be great! And because people usually only vote for attractive people, we’d never have the issue of the ugly old man Pope ever again. Now all I need is for Channel Ten to say yes.

Firass Dirani

He may be Cleo Bachelor of the Year but could he be Pope?


Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

I suspect this is the start of a great acting career for the hot Twirly Worm model.

Little Red Slippers

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

I received a parcel in the post yesterday – that is always exciting! I had ordered some House Shoes online and they had safely arrived wrapped in brown paper. I had spotted these in my free copy of Women’s Health (now there’s a useless magazine that pretends to say a lot without saying anything (much like my blog, really!)) and had been impressed by what I saw on their website.

House shoes


They are made from stretch cotton and the soles are made from landfill, so the environment loves them! To be honest I was a little disappointed with them when they arrived as they aren’t as beautiful as those on the website.

My new houseshoes

Pleasant packaging

They’re comfy if you’re not walking and mine are red so I guess that makes up for any dodgy craftsmanship. And I am currently very glad I have them as my feet are still frozen from walking on cold sand at the beach this morning. My toes AND the environment love these slippers!



If you plan on buying some, here’s a tip – I was unsure whether to get a medium or a large as the size recommendations have the cross over at a 9.5 for women, which just happens to be my shoe size. I ended up going for the medium and I’m glad I did as my feet have plenty of room to move. So less is more in the case of slipper sizing!

Mon Dieu! C’est Trop Bizarre!

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Recent linguistic adventures into learning French have resulted in the viewing of many French films. There have been some winners such as The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and the latest offering from Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet (of Amelié fame), Micmacs was a watchable film. However, on Monday night my male companion and I sat down to watch another Jean-Pierre Jeunet film – Delicatessen. It was made in 1991 which my co-watcher reminded me is almost 20 years ago. You could tell its age from the quality of the filming and the fact that the actors, who also appeared in Micmacs, were looking significantly younger! But it wasn’t so much the age of the film that made the impact – it was the truly bizarre concept that the film covered. Basically, France (and potentially the world) was experiencing an almost post-apocalyptic time and the film is set in an apartment complex with a butcher’s shop on the ground floor. As food is scarce, the rather possessed butcher kills off his hired help and sells it to the tenants in the apartment. A new handyman applies for the now vacant position (for some reason he is an ex-clown) and he falls in love with the butcher’s daughter who tries to warn the clown that he will most likely be killed too.

Anyway, I don’t want to give anything away but the characters in this movie are just absurd. There is no adequate way to describe them without you watching the film but the fact that the lead character is for some reason an ex-clown just sums it up really. There’s a woman who tries to commit suicide through setting herself up in the most complex ‘deadly’ traps; the butcher’s daughter is ‘blind as a mole’  and serves her lover sleep-inducing herbs instead of tea; there are two 8-ish year old boys who smoke cigarettes and steal ladies’ underwear; and basically they all want to eat each other.

If you’re in the mood for an odd French movie then give it a go. It is quite amusing and I’m sure if you watched a REAL version with better subtitles than the one I watched you might get more out of it. But be prepared. It’s very French.




Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

How can it be Wednesday already? It has been five whole days since my last confession (entry) and I am feeling very guilty for leaving you poor folk without exciting blog entries to read. So I am going to fix this by writing a whole BUNCH today. Sound good? Excellent.

So things that have happened since I last tippy-tippy-typed on here? Not a lot. Well, that’s not entirely true. Here’s the goss:

  1. I baked ANZAC biscuits on Saturday as it was the appropriate thing to do. They were delicious. They have all been eaten.
  2. I also made a rather delicious roast vegie and lamb salad on Saturday. Mmmm…
  3. I had breakfast at Tarts Cafe in North Perth which was delicious but it took forever for our food to arrive which is never good because in the morning I don’t do ‘talking’ or ‘politeness’ until I have been fed. I had pancakes. I never have pancakes. They were delicious.
  4. On the Monday public holiday I went to work. Yes, that’s right. Someone has to keep the economy ticking over! The things I do for the world… Really it was against my will and better judgement but UWA didn’t get the holiday so I had to slave away at a desk.
  5. I watched a CRAZY French film which I will write about soon.
  6. Worked again at UWA yesterday.
  7. I ‘mentored’ a Professional Writing student as part of Curtin’s Alumni Mentorship program. It was interesting to talk to my mentee (or manatee as I like to say) and realise that she is just like I was 6 years ago – uncertain, lacking confidence and direction. Well actually I’m still like that so not much has changed! It also made me realise how very old I am and how I should really be more responsible, organised, professional, oriented, focused, hard-working, determined etc.

It's a sea elephant – and a big fella too!

So that’s what I have been up to. Busy busy! I’m off to write two more entries so stay tuned, kids. Don’t no body go no where.

Sewing Wizard!

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

You won’t believe what has happened in the last 3.5 hours! I went to my sewing wizz of an Aunt’s house and she helped me whip up a top that I have been thinking about for ages. I thought I would just go there with the material and she’d help me cut a pattern and 3 weeks later after a lot of swearing and unpicking on my half I would eventually get a semi-ok top – but no! Instead we worked out a pattern, cut out the material and jumped straight onto a machine and in less than 3 hours I had made this (which is a long time for a jacket that is supposed to take 30 minutes but still… I work at putt-putt speed):


It is the same shape as the hair cut I got this morning!

Look at that! AMAZING! I never thought I’d sew a new top in such a short time but I did! And it is overlocked and everything so people will think I bought it from an expensive store in Claremont. In fact, it cost me $4 as I used the piece of material I bought at the S2 sale. Brilliant. And yesterday I finally had time to sand and polish my bangle to a wearable standard. It has a few bubbles in it and I had to really stand down the inside so there are still a few scratches but I don’t plan on selling it so I’m quite content. I call them the beauty spots.

Finished bangle

Ooh shiny!

So all in all it has been a very successful creative week. In fact, it was a great week in all aspects! I did some work, made some products and had some fun! I put it all down to the fact that the sun was shining all week and my swims at the beach in the morning were absolutely beautiful. Ahhh… Good times.

A New Idea

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

An art technique that I had never considered before has opened up before my eyes thanks to a very cool friend! Who would have thought you could melt crayons and turn them into something BRILLIANT like these rings by Timothy Liles:

Crayon rings

They're just too cool.

Clearly Tim did. But I think I may have to steal his idea and give it a go. I saw a ‘How-to’ on a blog called Pin and Paper and it looks so easy. I’d say the tricky part will be making the final crayon material wearable as crayons tend to give off! Perhaps some sort of sealant will do the trick. But it is so much faster than resin and imagine the range of colours you could make. I suppose the tricky part will be sourcing lots of crayons of the same or similar colour. So if anyone has some old crayons lying around that they’re no longer using, send them my way! It’s time to experiment!

A Bit of Fun

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

I have recently realised that it is already reaching the end of April, which means next month is May, which is the end of Autumn, so it will soon be winter and the middle of the year, which means my birthday isn’t far away and therefore spring is just around the corner, and soon it will be the end of the year and the start of 2011. And that is when I’m going to Paris. SO, I did a bit of a guesstimate and it appears there are approximately 285 days until I will be close to jumping on a plane. HOORAY! Then I will see this:

French flag


And this:


The craziest intersection in the world, complete with amazing monument

And lots of these:

Hot chocolate

Best... hot chocolate... ever.

Oh now I want to write about the world’s best hot chocolate but I think I need to dedicate time and a very long entry to that and I have work to do. So instead I will inform you that I have been alive for 8977 days which is equal to 215,928 hours. Plus a bit I suspect. Want to know your time of existence? Go to this great calculator and find your answer!

And again!

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

There’s still hope that I will become a fluent French speaker without even trying – according to news about town, earlier this week, a woman in Devon, England, suffered from a severe migraine which altered her accent. She now speaks with a Chinese accent. This isn’t quite the same as waking up from a coma and speaking German instead of your native language but still… how fascinating! This is much easier to comprehend as obviously a part of her brain has been affected by the migraine and has caused it to malfunction. She isn’t impressed with her new accent and is apparently getting ‘annoyed’ by it. I suspect she is now hoping for another migraine to see what accent she can pick up next.

Random Thoughts

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Good Monday to you all. Another weekend has passed us by and I am full of stories! Well, mostly I have an inner desire to blabber on about a lot of random stuff and this is the best place for it. I could write it on a piece of paper, screw it up and throw it in the bin so no one has to suffer but why would I do that when I have you lovely people to read my rants! Ready? Let’s go!

So this weekend was the Red Bull Air Race which is an event that miraculously makes its way to little old Perth, rather than going to the logical Melbourne or Sydney. Even Canberra would make more sense, but no. It comes here . I guess when you look at the crowd who frequent the event it makes more sense – I don’t think Melbourne has enough bogans to make up an audience. That said, my male friend and I cycled up to Kings Park (yes, on my new bike!) and watched as the planes zoomed around overhead and performed twisty turns in between the course on the river.


That's a bit close.

It was quite an enjoyable afternoon as it wasn’t over crowded, the sun was shining and I got some exercise. The planes weren’t that exciting but previous years I experienced a Qantas jumbo flying low over my head (that was bloody scary) and super-fast fighter jets zooming past at the speed of light (or so it seemed). It’s nice that Perth gets involved in something a bit different. We’ve lost enough events in the past so hopefully we’ll try and hold on to this one.

One thing I spotted while waiting for the planes to do their thing was a girl with a tattoo. I have attended numerous music festivals in Australia and have spent many a time counting southern cross tattoos. It seems that you need to show your commitment to your homeland by permanently engraving stars into your body. The most common location for said mark is on your upper arm but ankles are also quite popular. The less dedicated choose a sticker for the back window of their car but really that’s not good enough. Both would be best. Anyway, I’m not sure what this girl was going for but she either likes stars and it was just a coincidence, or she was attempting to show her love for Australia. Sadly, she forgot one star.

Tattooed legs

Ahh... Australia...

The photo isn’t great but she wouldn’t line up her legs properly for me to get a good shot. The sock tan on the left of the photo is quite impressive, too. I had a really good watch tan once, but that’s a story for another day. Bet you can’t wait for that one!