The Resinator Strikes Again!

I did it! I made a resin bangle! And it is beautiful!!! I just took it out of the mould and I am beyond excited. It is perfectly shaped (except for the top edge that needs sanding but that’s all part of the process), a wonderful shade of red, and it worked!! My Z is also fantastic and perfectly represents Zaum. It’s even close to the Zaum colour. I am quite pleased with the results. Here you go – check them out for yourselves.

My resin bangle and letter Z

I'm one step closer to being a world-reknown resin jewellery maker! WOO!

Send it your orders. I’m currently specialising in red and one size fits all.

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  1. yeahhhh! nice work. Looking forward to seeing a ‘styled’ photo! I told you, you could do it!

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