It’s the (official) Final Countdown… der ni ner ner… de de de der… der ni ner ner…

Last year, I was working at Curtin University and I sat  next to a giant window that I could watch the world through. Of course, everyone could watch me, too and so I started to communicate with the outside world. I would stick messages to the window, just to see the reaction from the passerby (now THERE is an interesting word… It is singular yet plural. Whoa.). In February of last year, I put up a count down calendar to my 9 week holiday in Europe, and started the count from 32 days. It was a long count down but people became ridiculously excited for me and wished me well on my voyage. My calendar to my last day at work even resulted in some tears from people I barely knew… sweet, but odd!

Anyway, my point is that I no longer have a window that hundreds of people walk past every day. I am no longer a fish in a giant bowl and I can no longer make lots of people jealous that they’re not going to Europe. Or can I??

250 days until I leave to live in Paris for a year!!!

WOOOO HOOOO!!! The date is official – 31 January 2011 I am leaving Perth. Mind you, the plane leaves at 10.30pm so really I should be saying 251 days but it will still be the 31st when my plane takes off from the ground and flies (safely) through the air towards Dubai and then onwards to Paris. So much to do between then and now but it still seems so far away. I’m not going to count down each day because then it will take forever to arrive so, as marketing people like to say, I will think “holistically” about the whole thing. I really don’t like that word. Anyway, things I need to do before I leave:

  • Find somewhere to live in Paris (YAY!!)
  • Learn more French
  • Purchase some warmer clothes (considering I’m leaving in the middle of summer, I should probably consider doing this now!)
  • Get a Visa (bah.)
  • Make everyone really jealous
  • Work out what my award winning book that I am writing while living in Paris is going to be about
  • Continue working in the meantime so that I can actually afford to go.

Sounds simple enough… who’s coming to visit?

Chocolate tart and Paris

My favourite view, my favourite chocolate tart, my favourite city. Let's do it all again, folks!

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  2. Ange says:

    AND I think the story about your window messages is really, really cool :)

  3. Jess says:

    Woot! And thanks for pushing up my non-spam comments! We’ve got a fight on our hands, kids. Let’s take them on.

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