When It’s Good It’s Very Very Good, When It’s Bad It’s Horrid.

Cottesloe beach

Ahh... glorious. Couldn't you just write a song about it?

I am very lucky to live so close to one of the world’s most beautiful coastlines. I have taken to braving the cold waters most weekday mornings, going for a dip with my parents and aunt at 7am. The rest of the family think we’re nuts but I understand why my mum has been doing this for years. It certainly wakes you up and prepares you for the day ahead. As winter approaches, I have taken to running into the water because:
a. The sand is colder than the water and it hurts your feet so it’s best to get off it as soon as possible
b. waiting for the inevitable never works – you have to get it over and done with and the sooner your head is wet, the sooner you can get used to the arctic temperatures.

Over the past few days, however, I have been witness to the wonders and not-so-wonderfuls of the beach. On Sunday I went for coffee in North Cottesloe and witnessed an impressive sunset.


So long, sunshine!

Then this morning the water was ridiculously clear – crisp and cool (although not too freezing) and bobbing about in the water just made you feel alive. Unfortunately the water wasn’t clear enough for me to spot the rather large stinger (well, they are basically invisible creatures anyway) that decided to attack me. I have a tendency to over-react to stingers (as in my skin puffs up and becomes ridiculous itchy for about a week) so if you see me scratching at a rash-like thing on my arm, no I’m not diseased.


Sexy! Have I grossed you out yet?

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