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Wanted: A Blank Wall

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Does anyone have a spare blank wall they would be willing to lend me? I want to undertake this Design Sponge DIY project:

Toilet paper art


Toilet paper art! That’s right, they’re toilet rolls. And look at how great they look! Now all I need is someone to commission me to do it and I’ll be there! I’ll even bring my own toilet rolls. A big thanks to the lovely lady who introduced me to Design Sponge via her own blog, Sweet Unwrapping Life. Isn’t it amazing how blogs talk…

A Few Months Too Late

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Don’t you  hate it when you buy something and then a little while later you find something even better? I’m having one of these moments right now as this morning I discovered a Melbourne based bicycle company who makes some beautiful dutch style bikes. And they come in red. While I love my Electra Amsterdam and I am completely content with my decision to buy it, it isn’t red. Those of you who know me well will understand why this is an issue for me. Everything I own is red – most of my shoes and clothes are red. My purse is red. Ninety per cent of my jewellery is red. But my bike is not. Interestingly, neither is my car. Perhaps this is a sign that my transportation does not follow my colour preferences and I am in fact capable of ‘mixing things up’. Anyway, luckily my bike is black which is my second colour choice in most things so really there isn’t an issue. But look at this:

Red Papillionaire bike

Made by Papillionaire

Don’t you just want to zoom around wearing a wonderful jacket, stockings and scarf with the wind in your hair, waving to everyone you pass? I do. Plus it is the greatest brand name ever – Papillionaire. Maybe I need two bikes…

Mmm… Toast.

Monday, June 28th, 2010

A few months ago I read about a new cafe in East Perth aptly named Toast. Unsurprisingly, they sell a wide variety of grilled bread. Well, the actual toast is probably restricted to about 6 variations, but the toppings are where things start to get interesting. From sweet to savoury, simple to elaborate, every combination that you can ever dream of is available and I have a sneaking suspicion that if you asked nicely enough they’d make whatever you wanted.

I ventured out into the cold with a group of friends for Saturday breakfast and, as we basked in the morning sunshine down by the East Perth canals, it was a very pleasant experience. Considering the location, one could expect to pay extra just for the privilege of sitting amongst the rich, but Toast is like a lonely Leederville rabbit lost in the upper-class forest. It is hip and cool, the service is young and vibrant and the food gets served on some snazzy retro plates.

Sadly, I forgot my camera so no photo of what I ate. I chose the fruit toast with grated apple, spiced ricotta and honey and was a little disappointed that the apple was cold. I suppose my frozen core temperature was desiring some warming poached fruit but not so. It also made the toast go soggy which is one of my biggest hates. When I eat toast I let it cool slightly before applying any condiments because soggy toast is the worst. THE WORST. The taste was pleasant but I probably won’t choose it again. Everyone else enjoyed their food but no one was really blown away. I guess the saddest part was that the toast itself was clearly out of a packet. My usual Sunday breakfast at Il Circolo is New Norcia fruit bread and I would choose that over my apple toast any day. But the coffee was good and the view was lovely. I recommend the experience.


Random toast.

Toast on Urbanspoon

And in Today’s News…

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Wow, what a day for the newspapers. All of those eager reporters will be jumping up and down in front of their editors, trying to score the role as ‘Official Reporter’ of the latest gossip from Federal Politics. Yes, it has been decided – So long, Mr Rudd. It’s amazing how a few hours can completely change a person’s life and I suspect Kev is feeling a bit shell shocked at the moment. Pity, I quite liked his wife.

I don’t have a strong opinion on who our Prime Minister should be because honestly I don’t like any of them, but I am particularly disappointed that one of the most momentous occasions in the history of women in politics has been decided by a popularity contest and a bunch of suits. While I would hate to go through the money-wasting debacle of electing a leader like they do in the USA, it somewhat annoys me that once elected, politicians who sit on back benches or who get promoted to cabinet positions think they have the right to revolt against their leader. A leader that THEY elected in the first place. This has been happening more and more frequently lately and I’m quite sick of it.

It just goes to show that really there is no one strong enough within politics to continue to be re-elected by both the people of Australia and their own political party. John Howard managed to do it for quite some time, and while I didn’t really like him either, at least he was consistent. Now Labor has to win an election with a new leader. A FEMALE leader, I might add. While I’m all for equality for women, Julia was in the right place at the right time. Whether or not she has ‘the balls’ to win the election and run the country, I’m not so sure. But I won’t be celebrating Australia’s first female Prime Minister until it officially occurs through a Federal election.

Julia Gillard

Her hands are a bit stumpy...

And in other news, a five metre long crocodile has beaten a three metre bull shark in a fight to the death in the Northern Territory.

In Florida (the real Florida, not the one near Mandurah), a man has been run over by his dog.

So much news and it is only 9am. Who knows what the day ahead will bring…

Just Call Me Captain Planet

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

What can I say? I care about our environment. That’s why I feel a-okay about just having spent a little too much money on Elroy Apparel clothes. I stumbled across them and fell instantly in love. So much so, I had to go downstairs, into the cold, grab my purse and buy some things. Their clothes are made from organic, sustainable products and look quite beautiful (in the pictures anyway). Fingers crossed I haven’t just wasted a whole lot of money but I’ll be sure to let you know when my new coat arrives.

Elroy Coat

This will be me in 7-21 days. Except my cheeks will be naturally flushed due to excess excitement.

Hold Me Back – Bargains Galore

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

I have been introduced to the phenomenon of ‘Deal of the Day’ websites that offer a product that you never knew you needed at such a low price that you discover you have to buy it. My favourite is Catch of the Day that releases a new product every day at midday. The products range from kids toys to cooking appliances to food and are often sold in bulk. At one stage you could buy nine Colgate toothbrushes at money saving prices. As I do not have a family of nine I decided to let this deal pass but I thought about it! Oh boy, did I think about it…


Toothbrushes for the whole family

I thought I would share some Catch of the Day highlights to tempt your tastebuds. At the moment there is a $15 cap on delivery charges, making this process even more of a bargain! How can you look past these:

I feel too guilty to actually purchase something from this site because I know it is waste of money and I really don’t need any of it! So I am opening up the challenge to you all! Go on! You know you want that six piece pink kitchen knife set! Spoil the wife with a new dustbuster! Or solve those bad breath issues with 30 packs of chewing gum. All I ask is that you let me know how it goes.

Pet bed

I bet you never realised you needed this! It's great for cats, dogs and bonuses!

And on another note, for all you alcoholics, every Wednesday you can go to Wine Catch of the Day and purchase yourself a lot of wine for not much money! Who knows what it will taste like, but you can sleep easy knowing it was a bargain.

Zaumism #16

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Zaum is a series of tubes.

News Flash!

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Only 222 days until I leave for Paris! WOOP WOOP WOOP! Time to start growing my French moustache.


Lookin' good.

I Heart Food.

Monday, June 21st, 2010

I spent this last weekend down in Florida again, which meant another weekend of excessive eating. We always seem to over cater but just end up gorging on delicious things for 2 days straight. I’m not complaining but it does result in me returning to the real world, vowing to eat only lettuce leaves for the rest of my life. Here was the menu:

Friday night – A roast vegetable salad with honey rosemary chicken. Followed up with apple and rhubarb crumble.
Saturday morning – Muesli, banana and yoghurt.
Saturday lunch (see below) – Cheese and meat platter and sticky date pudding.
Saturday dinner – Roast lamb with roasted vegies and left over apple and rhubarb crumble.
Sunday morning/lunch (see below) – PANCAKES!
Sunday dinner – Veal, mushroom pie, salad and a slice of bread.


Saturday lunchtime we moved away from the palm trees of Florida and headed towards Dwellingup to  Newbliss Winery. We had grown sick of the grumpy service we receive at Cape Bouvard Winery, our usual lunch location, so we were overwhelmed with the friendly welcome and lovely food we received at Newbliss. The owner offered us tastings of their wines and practically filled our glasses to the brim with each try. A decent selection of wines and two lovely ports that when ‘spritzed’ with a dash of coke from the can she had been drinking from earlier, the owner assured us tasted like sherry. The boy and I shared a cheese platter for two when we were informed the home farmed marron had sold out. The cheese platter was mostly from jars/packets/IGA but it was a great selection and filled us quite nicely. The wine tasting had gone to my head by the time the cheese arrived so I forgot to take a photo (so unlike me), but check out this view:

Newbliss winery

I'd live here...

We went all out and ordered sticky date puddings (one each, of course) and they were home made, huge servings and delicious. I often find sticky date puddings too solid and overwhelming but this was soft, light and not too sweet. Definitely something to go back for.

One sweet goodie for a weekend is never enough – I’ve never cooked pancakes for breakfast and so was quite excited by the boy’s eagerness to do so. He made ricotta based pancakes while I whipped up some baked bananas and stewed apple and rhubarb (it’s my new favourite thing… so tasty yet so healthy!). So so good. Definitely something to do as frequently as possible.


Golden rounds of fluffy goodness

Apple and rhubarb

My current favourite thing.

Newbliss Winery on Urbanspoon

Another Troublesome Tale

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Following on from my sad story of being unable to use the word condone (I just realised my favourite word, conundrum, also starts with con and that is DEFINITELY a negative word. See? No wonder I’m confused!), this morning while sending an email I remembered something that really bugs me. I tend to use Helvetica as my font of choice as the default Times New Roman in Word just makes me want to throw things at my screen, yelling “WHY AREN’T YOU MORE BEAUTIFUL?!?!” Anyway, as a result (although I think this issue stems beyond Helvetica and into the world of most typefaces) I am often questioning whether I have typed words containing ‘m’s, ‘n’s or ‘r’s correctly. Because have you ever noticed that the letter ‘m’ can look deceptively like an ‘n’ and an ‘r’ joined together and vice versa? I shall demonstrate:


See? Ok well on my blog it doesn’t look that bad but I promise it has been an issue in my life. Ok, I better go and do some real work now. But here are some pictures to make you remember that there are people out there who are stranger than me.

Free firewood

Things just keep getting better!

Mundijong 8 Days

Mundijong – The only town in the world with an extra day