A Few Months Too Late

Don’t you  hate it when you buy something and then a little while later you find something even better? I’m having one of these moments right now as this morning I discovered a Melbourne based bicycle company who makes some beautiful dutch style bikes. And they come in red. While I love my Electra Amsterdam and I am completely content with my decision to buy it, it isn’t red. Those of you who know me well will understand why this is an issue for me. Everything I own is red – most of my shoes and clothes are red. My purse is red. Ninety per cent of my jewellery is red. But my bike is not. Interestingly, neither is my car. Perhaps this is a sign that my transportation does not follow my colour preferences and I am in fact capable of ‘mixing things up’. Anyway, luckily my bike is black which is my second colour choice in most things so really there isn’t an issue. But look at this:

Red Papillionaire bike

Made by Papillionaire

Don’t you just want to zoom around wearing a wonderful jacket, stockings and scarf with the wind in your hair, waving to everyone you pass? I do. Plus it is the greatest brand name ever – Papillionaire. Maybe I need two bikes…

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  1. Deanna says:

    I’ve got a basket like that on my bike!!! Going to Melbourne on the 22nd July….that’s my two connections with this post…….

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