Another Troublesome Tale

Following on from my sad story of being unable to use the word condone (I just realised my favourite word, conundrum, also starts with con and that is DEFINITELY a negative word. See? No wonder I’m confused!), this morning while sending an email I remembered something that really bugs me. I tend to use Helvetica as my font of choice as the default Times New Roman in Word just makes me want to throw things at my screen, yelling “WHY AREN’T YOU MORE BEAUTIFUL?!?!” Anyway, as a result (although I think this issue stems beyond Helvetica and into the world of most typefaces) I am often questioning whether I have typed words containing ‘m’s, ‘n’s or ‘r’s correctly. Because have you ever noticed that the letter ‘m’ can look deceptively like an ‘n’ and an ‘r’ joined together and vice versa? I shall demonstrate:


See? Ok well on my blog it doesn’t look that bad but I promise it has been an issue in my life. Ok, I better go and do some real work now. But here are some pictures to make you remember that there are people out there who are stranger than me.

Free firewood

Things just keep getting better!

Mundijong 8 Days

Mundijong – The only town in the world with an extra day

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2 Responses to “Another Troublesome Tale”

  1. I miss these random musings at work. You should see my latest post…something else I feel we would have found equally important to think about, discuss and decipher at work!

  2. Jess says:

    Yeah… same… so much time to waste. That’s why I have to let it all out on my blog!

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