Hold Me Back – Bargains Galore

I have been introduced to the phenomenon of ‘Deal of the Day’ websites that offer a product that you never knew you needed at such a low price that you discover you have to buy it. My favourite is Catch of the Day that releases a new product every day at midday. The products range from kids toys to cooking appliances to food and are often sold in bulk. At one stage you could buy nine Colgate toothbrushes at money saving prices. As I do not have a family of nine I decided to let this deal pass but I thought about it! Oh boy, did I think about it…


Toothbrushes for the whole family

I thought I would share some Catch of the Day highlights to tempt your tastebuds. At the moment there is a $15 cap on delivery charges, making this process even more of a bargain! How can you look past these:

I feel too guilty to actually purchase something from this site because I know it is waste of money and I really don’t need any of it! So I am opening up the challenge to you all! Go on! You know you want that six piece pink kitchen knife set! Spoil the wife with a new dustbuster! Or solve those bad breath issues with 30 packs of chewing gum. All I ask is that you let me know how it goes.

Pet bed

I bet you never realised you needed this! It's great for cats, dogs and bonuses!

And on another note, for all you alcoholics, every Wednesday you can go to Wine Catch of the Day and purchase yourself a lot of wine for not much money! Who knows what it will taste like, but you can sleep easy knowing it was a bargain.

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