I Heart Food.

I spent this last weekend down in Florida again, which meant another weekend of excessive eating. We always seem to over cater but just end up gorging on delicious things for 2 days straight. I’m not complaining but it does result in me returning to the real world, vowing to eat only lettuce leaves for the rest of my life. Here was the menu:

Friday night – A roast vegetable salad with honey rosemary chicken. Followed up with apple and rhubarb crumble.
Saturday morning – Muesli, banana and yoghurt.
Saturday lunch (see below) – Cheese and meat platter and sticky date pudding.
Saturday dinner – Roast lamb with roasted vegies and left over apple and rhubarb crumble.
Sunday morning/lunch (see below) – PANCAKES!
Sunday dinner – Veal, mushroom pie, salad and a slice of bread.


Saturday lunchtime we moved away from the palm trees of Florida and headed towards Dwellingup to  Newbliss Winery. We had grown sick of the grumpy service we receive at Cape Bouvard Winery, our usual lunch location, so we were overwhelmed with the friendly welcome and lovely food we received at Newbliss. The owner offered us tastings of their wines and practically filled our glasses to the brim with each try. A decent selection of wines and two lovely ports that when ‘spritzed’ with a dash of coke from the can she had been drinking from earlier, the owner assured us tasted like sherry. The boy and I shared a cheese platter for two when we were informed the home farmed marron had sold out. The cheese platter was mostly from jars/packets/IGA but it was a great selection and filled us quite nicely. The wine tasting had gone to my head by the time the cheese arrived so I forgot to take a photo (so unlike me), but check out this view:

Newbliss winery

I'd live here...

We went all out and ordered sticky date puddings (one each, of course) and they were home made, huge servings and delicious. I often find sticky date puddings too solid and overwhelming but this was soft, light and not too sweet. Definitely something to go back for.

One sweet goodie for a weekend is never enough – I’ve never cooked pancakes for breakfast and so was quite excited by the boy’s eagerness to do so. He made ricotta based pancakes while I whipped up some baked bananas and stewed apple and rhubarb (it’s my new favourite thing… so tasty yet so healthy!). So so good. Definitely something to do as frequently as possible.


Golden rounds of fluffy goodness

Apple and rhubarb

My current favourite thing.

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