Mmm… Toast.

A few months ago I read about a new cafe in East Perth aptly named Toast. Unsurprisingly, they sell a wide variety of grilled bread. Well, the actual toast is probably restricted to about 6 variations, but the toppings are where things start to get interesting. From sweet to savoury, simple to elaborate, every combination that you can ever dream of is available and I have a sneaking suspicion that if you asked nicely enough they’d make whatever you wanted.

I ventured out into the cold with a group of friends for Saturday breakfast and, as we basked in the morning sunshine down by the East Perth canals, it was a very pleasant experience. Considering the location, one could expect to pay extra just for the privilege of sitting amongst the rich, but Toast is like a lonely Leederville rabbit lost in the upper-class forest. It is hip and cool, the service is young and vibrant and the food gets served on some snazzy retro plates.

Sadly, I forgot my camera so no photo of what I ate. I chose the fruit toast with grated apple, spiced ricotta and honey and was a little disappointed that the apple was cold. I suppose my frozen core temperature was desiring some warming poached fruit but not so. It also made the toast go soggy which is one of my biggest hates. When I eat toast I let it cool slightly before applying any condiments because soggy toast is the worst. THE WORST. The taste was pleasant but I probably won’t choose it again. Everyone else enjoyed their food but no one was really blown away. I guess the saddest part was that the toast itself was clearly out of a packet. My usual Sunday breakfast at Il Circolo is New Norcia fruit bread and I would choose that over my apple toast any day. But the coffee was good and the view was lovely. I recommend the experience.


Random toast.

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10 Responses to “Mmm… Toast.”

  1. True Blue Bonza says:

    East Perth upper class and rich??? Your havin a laff! Try looking at Edgecliff if your after the upper class!!! You do know that the ave week income for E Perth is $1106 and Leederville is $1272. Who are you calling rich??

  2. Jess says:

    Ok, let me rephrase. By “East Perth” I clearly mean “East Perth redevelopment”. Of course the average weekly income is less if you take in the entire East Perth area and the entire Leederville area. You go and sit by the water side and not feel insignificant!!

  3. Deanna says:

    As your real estate friend, I totally agree with your summation of the East Perth Cove area – it is beautiful. I have had coffee and cake right next door to Toast and enjoyed the sunshine and the view. I was so impressed by the area that, in terms of inner city living, I give it a thumbs up over the West Perth Paris end – which is dead on the weekend. The downside is stray from here and you do move into less desirable areas fairly quickly BUT I could happily live here and walk and ride around the Cove and generally have a good lifestyle. Maybe I should work for LJHooker – they have an office in Royal Street!

  4. Jess says:

    Thank you, Real-o lady. Got any bargain houses for me to buy? Preferably in East Perth. And your final statement is a good one! DO IT!

  5. Ursula says:

    Hi there I’m glad you enjoyed the outlook at toast, sorry you didn’t enjoy the fruit toast. All the stuff in the on toast section on the menu is generally served as cold toppings, kind of like how you would put cold spreads on at home. I reckon the sheer weight of the ingredients with your choice, ricotta, grated apple and honey will decrisp your toast! Dont be afraid to ask for it on the side! Very importantly not sure what you mean by bread coming from a packet, but we get our bread delivered daily from a small bakery in east vic park-tammy’s. Every single type we sell is sourdough… They slice it for us… Maybe this is why you thought out of a packet? Hope you come and try another type of toast at toast soon! Urs from toast

  6. Jess says:

    Hello Ursula!
    Wow! I am particularly excited to receive a response from the source! It does make me feel guilty now that I have written incorrect things about Toast. I guess I can only describe my true reaction to the food so hearing the truth is a good thing!
    I’m very happy to hear that the bread isn’t packet bread! I still have to say that I have tasted better bread in my life but knowing that extra effort is put in is a relief.
    As I said, I did enjoy the experience and will definitely consider coming back. I spied some wonderful looking cakes on the way in and if I hadn’t filled up on apple I would have been caking-it-up in a shot. It’s great to see some creativity being brought into a fairly sterile environment. I hope it continues to be a success 🙂

  7. Ursula says:

    Hey don’t feel guilty, reading truthful and heartfelt comments online can be confronting but is ultimately the best feedback. For me it is a bit like facing the abyss and being brave enough to read what’s being said about us… best to know what you can and should change! Another guy called it sandwich bread the other day so it gets me to thinking that maybe I should wax lyrical a bit more about suppliers etc – gives people more info anyhow! Glad you didn’t mind me weighing in… It is always fun to discover a new blog, and I really like yours! Sounds like we have lots in common. Urs

  8. Jess says:

    Oh I agree! A bit of constructive criticism never hurt anyone. You should definitely scream and shout about where you get your products from. The world is crazy about homegrown, organic, fresh produce. If you use it, tell everyone! What I loved about your cafe were the little handwritten messages and homely feel. I think everyone would want to hear about where you get your bread from and a little sign somewhere saying “It’s not from a packet, dingbats!” would certainly wake us up 🙂 Any bread that is square and evenly sliced = from a packet. You can blame Tiptop for that one.

  9. James says:

    I am eating toast now, but unfortunately, it’s not from this Toast.

  10. Jess says:

    Feel good in the toast that you are eating and it will bring you happiness.

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