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Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

One day I’d like to be as awesomely cool as Third Drawer Down. They make and source some fantastically simple products that are clever, beautiful and sometimes just a little bit whacky. Sadly, my coolness level won’t be reaching the same awesome level as these guys any time soon. So for now, you should go and buy their stuff online or at stores around Perth, such as William Topp.

Pillow cases

I want.


I also want.

And the greatest thing is that while writing this entry I have discovered they sell the crayon rings that I want to buy! OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY!!! Super excited!

Hard to Accept

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

There is a word in the english language that stumps me. I have difficulty using it mostly because I forget if it is negative or positive. It scares me and I don’t like it but quite frankly I’m not entirely sure why I find it so challenging. The word?


Say it aloud and tell me it doesn’t sound negative. If Zaumist rules applied (meaning of a word is created through the sound rather than the meaning associated with it) then it would most definitely be a negative, bad, bad word. But in fact, it means to approve of something that is morally wrong. But then why do I struggle with it? I start a sentence, approach the position where the word should fit and then squirm away like a worm from an attacking bird, fearful my head will be removed for incorrect usage. I think I find it the most challenging when it is used in a negative form – Eg. I cannot condone your use of illicit drugs, son.

According to my little computer dictionary (which I trust whole-heartedly) it is latin in origin – from condonare ‘refrain from punishing’. Con means ‘altogether’ and donare is ‘to give’. Thinking about other ‘con’ words you have concede, conceive and concession (good words) but you also have conceited and conceal (evil words). So basically that’s no help. Normally words and I get along but not this one. Perhaps the solution lies in Con the Fruiterer. Cheery man, cheery word?

Con the Fruiterer

Dat's a joosy woird!

Bye Bye La La

Monday, June 14th, 2010

La La Orange had its closing down sale on the weekend and I managed to nip in on Sunday afternoon. For those unawares, La La Orange was a little vintage/cool stuff boutique on William Street that was helping make Perth a more Melbourne-like place. In other words, awesome. But sadly, it is over. This has happened to a few cool stuff stores in Perth recently and it makes me sad every time they disappear. Fingers and toes crossed William Topp doesn’t go anywhere because then I will drown Perth with my tears.

Anke Weckmann illustration

Anke Weckmann illustration

Anyway, by the time I arrived everything had sold but I did spy some Anke Weckmann prints on the wall for the bargain basement price of $10. I have seen Anke’s work around and had been meaning to buy a print and now seemed like the appropriate time. Illustration is becoming quite popular at the moment and artists like Anke and Gemma Correll are producing great things for you to hang proudly in your house. I put this talent in a basket with musical abilities – I wish I had them but I’m not sure I ever will.

Gemma Correll Illustration

Hilarious! Gemma Correll illustration

Real Yet Not

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Feel like walking around a room thinking, “Hmm… ok…”? Wish you understood what it would be like to have weird mole-like creatures living in your back? Want to ‘explore the connections between science, nature, art, and the environment’ (Art Gallery, WA)? Well head on down to the WA Art Gallery and feast your eyes on Patricia Piccinini’s exhibition, Relativity. Piccinini works with fibre glass, silicone and human hair to create creatures who are alien in appearance but who have human qualities. Piccinini’s aim is to represent mutation in human form through experimental biology and the results are confronting.

Piccinini's work

Boy with friend

The pieces are very realistic and as you walk through the entrance, you are met by two young boys playing on a Playstation portable. First instinct is that they are two bored children who are waiting for their parents to hurry up so they can go and get McDonalds for lunch, but on closer inspection you realise they’re not actually moving and their faces have been aged. Their facial skin is wrinkled and there are signs of beard growth. I must admit that I stood next to them reading the introductory sign for at least 2 minutes before I realised they were models. Spooky.

Boy on Goat

WOO! The weirdest piece in the exhibition.

The collection isn’t extensive and a video interview with Piccinini in the middle room suggests there are a lot more pieces we could have seen. But definitely worth a visit and while you’re there, check out the Year 12 Perspectives exhibition. A lot of self portraits of poor art students who are ‘trying to find themselves’ but a few standout pieces that show the future is looking good for Australian art.

The Fate of the Internet

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Isn’t it terrifying when people like Stephen Conroy are in charge of our interwebs and yet they don’t even know what they’re talking about. I can forgive my 60+ year old ex-boss for calling webpages the “WWW pages” but if you’re employed to govern the World Wide Web then you should probably sit down and read a book about it first.

A comment on this YouTube video sums it up perfectly – “My portal! It’s infected by spams!”


Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

This is the 101st post on my blog.
Go Zaum.

Dark Brown

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

I have been meaning to write about Harry Brown since I saw it last Tuesday night at Luna Leederville. Gosh I love that cinema… May it live on forever.

Anyway, I haven’t walked out of a cinema feeling as amazed by a film since I saw Inglorious Basterds last year. Harry Brown is a real kick in the guts – it is raw, dark and takes you places that you don’t necessarily want to go. I have read reviews complaining about the script, but as a wordie I had no problems with the script at all. The film pushes boundaries and presents uncomfortable concepts in a realistic yet brutal way. Set in a London housing estate, a gang of young teenagers meddle with drugs, violence and rape. An elderly ex-marine, played by Michael Caine, takes it upon himself to seek justice when the gang attacks and kills his best friend.

Harry Brown

Harry Brown surrounded by marijuana

The filming techniques are very well done – there is a general brown tinge to all of the scenes and a raw edge to the camera movements. It is cleanly edited and pieced together and there is a strong story line. There are some brilliant character developments – my favourite being a drug dealer that Harry goes to visit to purchase a gun from. The scene is absolutely amazing – Harry is taken into the dealer’s house that is grotty and dark but is also a hydroponics warehouse containing an entire forest of marijuana plants. The drug dealer is utterly messed up – he looks gremlin-like with distorted facial features, his body is skinny and covered in tattoos and he is full of holes from where he has injected himself. He looks inhuman and is one of the most extreme drug-inflicted characters that I have ever seen portrayed.

Highly recommended if you don’t mind a bit of darkness. Sadly this film reminds you of how real these situations are and how this sort of violence is actually occurring in the world today. The ending is slightly cheesy but I can over look it for the rest of the film.

Master Chef Ain’t Got Nothin’ Over Huey

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

There has always been a bit of a joke around my house about Iain Hewitson, or Huey as he is known. Host of great shows such as Healthy, Wealthy and Wise and Huey’s Cooking Adventures, Huey has haunted our television screens for years. While he is the friendliest and cuddliest chef on tv, when it all boils down to it, he’s also the fattest and most lard-focussed chef as well. His recipes do not reflect the current cooking trends that you seen on other cooking programs or that you even eat in restaurants. Most of what he cooks contains a lot of butter, a wide range of packaged products and make you feel bloated just by looking at it. Sure, you could argue he is cooking ‘traditional english’ cuisine but at the same time he attempts dishes such as Nasi Goreng and Gado Gado but pronounces them as well as he cooks them.



Just for fun, I was looking at his latest website today and was reading through a few of his recipes. Lots of them have names like “Braised Short Ribs with Vietnamese Flavourings” or “Chicken with Various Mushrooms.” The recipes remind me of what you find in the Country Women’s Association cookbooks where everything is just reconstituted offal. There were also a few pertinent spelling mistakes such as “BQB Bananas” and this little gem for a Dutch Apple Cake. Being half dutch, a good apple cake does excite me but Huey’s version excited me even more when the final step in the cooking method told me to put parmesan and oil on the eggplant and serve it with a salad. Someone in Huey’s web world may pick up this mistake and fix it soon but for now, I highly recommend this recipe. You get far more than you bargained for!

Let’s Get Physical… Physical!

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Feeling fat? Do you lack the energy you used to have? Can you feel those love handles forming around your middle? Well, head to Hyde Park where you can get back into shape with the ultimate work out! Simply jog or power walk around the lake, dodging crazy old women and drugs addicts, and stop at each of the exercise work-out panels to discover your next exercise! From stretching to strengthening, you’ll be feeling fit before you can say, “Lycra shorts!” Soon you will be looking as good as these ladies:



Sadly, before you can reach this ab-crunching state of fitness you must first be the lumpy, flabby, glasses-wearing old people that are featured on the exercise panels around Hyde Park. Here are a few for your enjoyment but you can see more on my Flickr site.

Exercise image






Sunday Mornings

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

I just wanted to share my breakfast with you. Fear not, there will be no regurgitating of food, but simply photographs of delicious New Norcia fruit toast and the sign to look forward in order to get some. Every Sunday, my male companion and I head to Il Circolo on Angove Street in North Perth. The service is lovely, the cafe is comfortable yet buzzing, the coffee is delicious and the food is tasty. And to top it all off, it is located in a quaint neck of North Perth that is growing into a Melbourne-ish locale. Highly recommended.

Il Circolo

Where the good stuff is.

Fruit toast

Mmm... yum num num!!

Il Circolo on Urbanspoon