Real Yet Not

Feel like walking around a room thinking, “Hmm… ok…”? Wish you understood what it would be like to have weird mole-like creatures living in your back? Want to ‘explore the connections between science, nature, art, and the environment’ (Art Gallery, WA)? Well head on down to the WA Art Gallery and feast your eyes on Patricia Piccinini’s exhibition, Relativity. Piccinini works with fibre glass, silicone and human hair to create creatures who are alien in appearance but who have human qualities. Piccinini’s aim is to represent mutation in human form through experimental biology and the results are confronting.

Piccinini's work

Boy with friend

The pieces are very realistic and as you walk through the entrance, you are met by two young boys playing on a Playstation portable. First instinct is that they are two bored children who are waiting for their parents to hurry up so they can go and get McDonalds for lunch, but on closer inspection you realise they’re not actually moving and their faces have been aged. Their facial skin is wrinkled and there are signs of beard growth. I must admit that I stood next to them reading the introductory sign for at least 2 minutes before I realised they were models. Spooky.

Boy on Goat

WOO! The weirdest piece in the exhibition.

The collection isn’t extensive and a video interview with Piccinini in the middle room suggests there are a lot more pieces we could have seen. But definitely worth a visit and while you’re there, check out the Year 12 Perspectives exhibition. A lot of self portraits of poor art students who are ‘trying to find themselves’ but a few standout pieces that show the future is looking good for Australian art.

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