Wanted: A Blank Wall

Does anyone have a spare blank wall they would be willing to lend me? I want to undertake this Design Sponge DIY project:

Toilet paper art


Toilet paper art! That’s right, they’re toilet rolls. And look at how great they look! Now all I need is someone to commission me to do it and I’ll be there! I’ll even bring my own toilet rolls. A big thanks to the lovely lady who introduced me to Design Sponge via her own blog, Sweet Unwrapping Life. Isn’t it amazing how blogs talk…

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2 Responses to “Wanted: A Blank Wall”

  1. Isn’t Design Sponge Awesome??!!! You can come do it in the girls play room in the new house if you’re ‘dying’ to try it out! Totally cool that it’s out of toilet rolls….hmmmm maybe you should do it on the back of the toilet door or the bathroom wall??!!!
    Oh and that blog…what a Sweet blog 😉 hehhe

  2. True Blue Bonza says:

    That stinks! litrally!

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