C’était Trop Bon!

I have a question – Why is French food so expensive in Perth? Just because it’s French doesn’t mean it is worth forking out hundreds of dollars for. You’ll just have to pay even more money later for a heart operation once the fat/butter/cream gets into your arteries. Sure, it’s tasty, but so is Vietnamese and that only costs me $10 from Viet Hoa.

Sunday morning marked le Grand Événement when my boyfriend was supposed to be able to speak French as well as he can speak English. Six months prior, he had made big claims that through learning French via his iPhone and weekly lessons he would be fluent. I said, “No.” He said, “Yes.” I won and am now going to be taken out for dinner as my prize. However, our move to Paris is largely due to me wanting to go there and he is agreeing to come with me and so to thank him for putting in the effort of learning French I took him out for dinner on Saturday.

I searched high and low for a nice French restaurant in Perth that a. wasn’t ridiculously fancy and b. didn’t cost me an entire plane ticket to France. They’re hard to find. I finally settled on La Cascade, a gothic-fronted restaurant located in Chelsea Village on Stirling Highway in Nedlands. I was a little bit concerned because I had read mixed reviews and the exterior of the restaurant didn’t scream “THIS IS A GREAT PLACE TO EAT!” But wow. What a meal! You choose three courses from the longest menu I have ever read for the reasonable price of $65 a head. Of course being French, the main meals are all meat and vegetables are additional, plus water comes in an Evian bottle and not from the tap. But overall definitely worth it. The night we went it was eerily quiet (although the friendly owner assured me it had been flat out the night before) which meant you couldn’t talk very loudly or the other five people in the restaurant would hear you. However it did result in speedy food delivery which is something close to my heart. Want to see what we ate? Prepare yourself for dodgy iPhone photos because I left my camera at home AND it was dark.


Chicken Crepe

My crépe with mushrooms, chicken, cheese, spinach and asparagus. A meal in itself.

Garlic prawns

Tom's garlic prawns. He even ate them slowly with his eyes closed which just shows how much he enjoyed them.

Main course


Lamb rack with a mustard and spice rub. Delicious but that's a lot of meat for me.


Tom's beef rib. It was HUGE and Tom claims it to be the second best steak he has ever eaten. Thankfully the top prize doesn't go to Hog's Breath Cafe but to a restaurant I took him to in Melbourne! HOORAY!

Dessert (aka most important part of the meal)

Chocolate mousse

My chocolate mousse – deliciously rich and with a nice hint of rum. Pity about the unnecessary cream and glacé cherry but the giant sugar net made up for it! YUM.

Creme caramel

Tom's creme caramel. Again, more spun sugar. Very tasty although I have had better.

And so we rolled home. Definitely two thumbs up for the French dining experience. I even had the waiter cracking on to me which made me feel like I was back in Paris. Ahh… French men. So forward.

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  1. deanna says:

    When you go to melbourne – check out a small cafe called French Fantasies – 15 Toorak Rd South Yarra – you can speak French to the staff and they have yummy pastries. Gary and Sandy live at 400 St Kilda Rd – a french style building – email her if you want to know more about melbourne and places to eat etc xx

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