It’s Not So Green in the Garden

I was quite pleased to see a new wine bar opening its doors in Leederville during the last summer. The Garden is located next to the Leederville hotel and is a fairly classy joint with an interesting mix of concrete, wood and metal aesthetics. This style of building always appeals to me and as a place to hang out for a relatively well priced glass of wine, I enjoy going to the Garden. However, the food is another matter. I have consumed edible substances at the Garden twice now. The first time I was with a group of six and we simply wanted something to nibble on until we went and ate dinner at Jus Burgers. One person made the decision to order a dip which arrived sans-dippers. There was no bread. There were no crackers. It was just dip. And so we bought bread to eat with the dip because it seemed more logical than us all sticking our fingers into the slop. It was tasty but that’s just stupid.
My second experience happened last Friday when I attended my friend’s birthday party. The plan was to have some drinks and then sit down for something to eat. I must say the service was excellent – we were a group of 10, wanting a table when the restaurant area was quite busy. We had a wheel chair AND a pram and they did what they could to get us a table. Our water glasses were topped up regularly (this is strangely very important to me. I hate not having water.) and they were a friendly group of waitstaff. Pity about the food. While not overly expensive, the food is fairly naff. I ordered a pancetta, zucchini and feta pizza which tasted like someone had smothered it in salt. I don’t generally add salt to my food so I have a low tolerance, but this was just ridiculous. Yes, pancetta and feta are both salty items, but there was that yellow salty cheesey stuff that you find on Jatz biscuits on the pizza base. Why? WHY?!?! I came away feeling like I had eaten the ocean. Plus, pieces of the pancetta were 10% meat 90% fat. I tried a slice of the mushroom and blue cheese pizza which was just as salty but had better flavours. My boyfriend had the fried calamari which he scoffed down but he was hungry and thinks everything he eats is the best thing ever. I tasted a bit of the lime-zested salad that came with it and maybe they just like knocking out your senses with salty and sour flavours. It was like eating a raw lime. Some dig it, I don’t.
Anyway, I still like their wine list and it is still an enjoyable place to go for a drink with friends. Just avoid the food like the plague and head to Jus Burgers or Little Caesars if you want to eat.

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