She’s So Pretty!

The arrival of my make-your-own-sock-creatures books got me itching to sew last week so I quickly finished my work in order to whip out the sewing machine on Friday. I attempted a frog pattern from my Stray Sock Sewing, Too book and while it looked good at the beginning, things started to go slightly pear shaped.

Frog sock animal

That ain't no frog.

I’ve had many frogs in my backyard and they certainly don’t look like that. I had cut the eyes (the lumps at the top of his head) too far from the heel of the sock and so he grew a bit of a nose. But I decided to go with the flow and see what eventuated. For a while my frog was going to become a fox. Then I turned him upside down and he became a moose. But I found some scraps from an old sock and created a great set of lips that would suddenly turn this very masculine creature into a lady. Fiddling with a strap of red… BAM! There she was. In all her splendour and glory – my Miss Universe.

Miss Universe

She's all style

The addition of big button eyes and some amazing eye lashes and she became a creature of pure beauty. Something was missing though… Clearly she was in need of some hair. BIG hair. I have finally had time to make the additions and here she is. I present to you the next Miss Universe, 2010. Perfect timing for the event that happens on 23 August! She’s sure to win.

Miss Universe sock creature

Beautiful. Intelligent. Tanned.

Not the greatest photo – she does have a head of hair. She’s going to go far and is already adopting orphans.

Quite pleased with my creation – obviously she needs a name. I’m thinking ‘Creatures with Character’, each sold with their life story. Perhaps even an explanation of where the sock came from. Speaking of, still need more socks! Seriously… give them to me.

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