Mmm… Cream…

I may hate whipped cream out of a spray can, I may not be a fan of dollops of cream served on or near a slice of cake in a cafe, and I may hate cream on top of ice chocolates, but I do most certainly like Cream Restaurant in East Perth. How’s that for a cheesy intro?

I took Tom there for his birthday dinner on Saturday night after I had scoured the internet looking for the perfect restaurant. I wanted something fancy yet breathable with good service, great food, reasonable portion sizes compared to price and, most importantly, a great dessert menu. I had been recommended Cream by a colleague of mine and after much umming and ahhing decided to give it a go. And it was a good decision. The restaurant decor is smooth and retro with soft lighting and bright furnishings. The wall we were seated next to was covered in a deep-red fur and there were some fabulous red light fittings hanging from the ceiling. The food was delicious – my chicken with mushroom and truffle risotto was juicy and full of flavour and Tom’s lamb with eggplant and cous cous was tender and melt-in-your-mouth. We shared toasted New Norcia baguette with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and olives to start and it came with the house dip which that night was pumpkin, lentil and coriander. That was probably the highlight of the evening… AMAZING. I could have eaten a bucketful.

Dessert was awesome although I have had better. Tom chose the profiteroles with pistachio cream centre and dark chocolate sauce. Here’s a dodgy, dark photo:


It looks disgusting in this photo but it was actually quite tasty.

I chose the “hard core soft centred chocolate cake” which was soft but not molten in the centre. Having eaten many a chocolate cake, I can honestly say it wasn’t even close to hard core and I definitely would have liked the centre to have been even softer. It didn’t have any goo-factor and didn’t even stick to the roof of my mouth. But that said, the flavour was enjoyable and the raspberry ice cream it was served with was very tasty.

Chocolate cake


A great night was had and I got to wear one of my new dresses that I bought in Melbourne so I was very happy. Tom seemed to enjoy himself, too. Added bonus.

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