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I have started to notice that I write about food a lot, which is somewhat different to my original plan of writing about words and writing and work-related topics. But they’re BORING so here’s another entry about something delicious I ate!

There have been a few moments in my life where I have walked out of a restaurant almost crying because I don’t want to leave. I have vivid memories of a lunch I had with my boyfriend and his dad in Crete – we went to a little restaurant near a waterfall in the hills of the island, and ate some of the best food I have ever had. The orange juice was freshly squeezed, the cheese and yoghurt (free at the end of our meal!) was made out the back of the restaurant. It was a meal we continue to reminisce about even now. Last night, I consumed another of these epiphanic meals, at Meeka restaurant in Subiaco.

My friend (who shall be named Miss S for privacy reasons, should people she know find out how much she ate – the glutton!) and I took each other out for a birthday dinner. I had driven past Meeka almost daily and always wanted to go and eat there but never had an opportunity. I now intend to make opportunities as frequently as possible. The restaurant serves middle-eastern fusion food, offering a range of tajines, served in the beautiful ceramic pots. It is spices galore, with strong, hearty flavours and amazing food combinations. We ordered the home made bread with olive oil, dukkah and fig vincotto to start and I had to hold back from sculling the vincotto. Similar to a balsamic vinegar (but better), it was sweet, rich and very more-ish. The bread was deliciously soft and doughy and stuck to the roof of your mouth. Love that.

I chose a lamb and carrot tajine which was flavoured with cumin, dates and eggplant. Not usually one to eat large amounts of meat, I couldn’t stop devouring it – the lamb just melted in my mouth. Miss S is vego which suits me fine because I got to try her chickpea and butterbean tajine which had a much sweeter flavour and was absolutely delicious. I felt bad not finishing my meal but I knew I had to leave space for dessert because I had spotted a chocolate fondant on the menu. My foresight proved genius for I am now about to make a very big call that may shock some readers. Ready?

It was one of the BEST chocolate fondants I have ever eaten.

There. I said it. And I don’t regret it. It was absolutely amazing and I’m kind of sad we chose to share it. The fondant had small pieces of turkish delight in it, which on reading the menu disappointed me, but it proved to be a pleasant surprise. The turkish delight added a significant sweetness to the dark chocolate pudding (which oozed like all good fondants should), but it wasn’t over powering. The fondant was served with a large scoop of  homemade pistachio ice cream, topped with rosewater fairy floss. Then there was a shot glass of dark chocolate sauce which Miss S and I managed to get all over the table/our fingers/our mouths. The combinations of flavours were divine and we both stopped talking and focused on the chocolate for a good 10 minutes. I’m very particular when it comes to chocolate based sweets and I know a good one when I eat it and this was a GREAT fondant. As we were leaving the very friendly owner told us that the menu would be changing and read out the dessert menu that would arrive in Spring. There’s a flourless chocolate cake coming… I think I might be going back soon.

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