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The Last Day of September

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Can you believe it? Tomorrow October will roll in and I will be four months away from moving to Paris. Today the official number of days is 123. Neat! I love the number 1-2-3. I always manage to look at digital clocks when it is 1.23pm. It’s the simple things in life that bring the most excitement.

I’m always one to remember anniversaries and look back at what I was doing on this day a few years ago. I have a particular focus on the period of time between 25 September 2006 to 25 September 2007 when I spent my year in France/overseas. On this day in 2006 I had just arrived in Custines (my home away from home) and was settling into my French chateau. Here is the view from behind my apartment, I mean castle.


Can't you just smell the country air?

Ahh… memories.

Stop Me

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

I am so close to entering my credit card details and clicking “Yes please” for a very unnecessary but oh-so-great purchase. A few years ago I discovered Fortune Teller Miracle Fish – red, paper-thin, plastic fish that you place on the palm of your hand. They curl or twist or do a backflip and depending on their movement your fortune is revealed. They’re BRILLIANT! And I just found a supply of them on Etsy.

What am I going to do with 50 fortune telling fish? I wouldn’t have to worry about Christmas presents this year!

A Series of Wonderful Lines

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

I watched Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events for the third or fourth time on Sunday night – a brilliant film and one of few movies starring Jim Carrey that I actually enjoy. For those who haven’t seen it, three rich children are orphaned and have to escape from their evil ‘uncle’ Count Olaf who is attempting to kill them to get all of their inheritance. The children move from one relative to the next as Count Olaf changes character and appears on the scene to kill the new guardian and get to the kids.

Every time I watch the film I wait with great anticipation for the section of the movie starring Meryl Streep who plays a long lost Aunt Josephine who lives in a rickety house on the edge of a cliff and who is literally scared of dying in every possible way. Stay away from the fridge, it will squash you flat if it falls. Aunt Josephine is also a grammar addict and picks on people’s faults as they are speaking. Brilliant! There need to be more of these sorts of people in life. Sadly, she is eaten alive by giant leeches. But throughout this section of the movie is one of my favourite movie lines of all time. Count Olaf has dressed himself up as a peg-legged Irish sailor who woos Aunt Josephine with seductive grammar and syntax and then attacked her when the children are out of the house. The children return home to find Aunt Josephine missing and from the cliffs below, Count Olaf cries out, “You stay where you’re at, I’ll come where you’re to!”
Not only is this creepy, but what a brilliant sentence! I literally jump and giggle in my seat when that line in said in the film. A clever piece of wording by the script writers.
While writing this entry, I googled the line and discovered that a version of that line was used as a slogan for a tourism campaign for Fort McMurray in Canada. “Where You At” was created to lure past residents back to their original home towns to visit their families. It would certainly work for me.

It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane… It’s a Mix of Both!

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Chickens are awesome. They eat your left overs, they aerate your garden, they lay eggs. What more could you want from a creature apart from super-hero powers? Well look what we have here…

Super chicken

It's Super Chicken!

The coolest crime fighting chicken in history, Super Chicken has the sickest cape and the coolest mow-hawk. All the other chickens, and super heros, are jealous of his stylin’.

Super chicken

Look at those long legs!

With legs the size of tree-trunks, Super Chicken can get anywhere faster than you or any other person in the world can. You better believe it – he’s super fast. His cape helps with the speed-factor, too.

Super Chicken

A silver lining

You know a person has taste and super-hero-powers when his cape is made from red material (for speed) with a silver lining (for super powers). It also comes in handy when he goes to the disco (which he does frequently) as he can turn the cape around and it becomes an instant disco-light attractor. Nothing says DISCO FLASH! like that cape!

Super Chicken

Lookin' good from all angles

Speaking of disco-dancin’ would you look at that butt? Nothing grooves on the dance floor better than a large-bottomed Super Chicken. That red rear attracts all the ladies.

Super chicken


When he’s not at the disco he’s waiting for the next opportunity to save the world – the entire time looking as cool as a cucumber and as a hot as BURNING FLAMES. That’s the life of Super Chicken.

On sale soon!


Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Take a pelican and point its beak in the air and what do you have? A rabbit! Until approximately two weeks ago, I had no idea how similar pelicans and rabbits are. I started this sock creature with a new feathered friend in mind but he soon started failing on me. For a while he was going to be a tooth with legs, in honour of my recent dental visits but after a bit of fiddling, stitching, experimenting and eye placing, the ultimate sock creature evolved. Readers, meet Walter –


Question is – are they just whiskers or is it an impressive mo?

Walter is an avid lawnbowler and wears his Royal Western Australian Bowling Association – Centenary 1898-1998 badge with pride everywhere he goes. Sadly, Walter lost his eye sight in a horrific bowling accident. He doesn’t like to talk about it but doesn’t let his disability get in his way. He continues to bowl every Tuesday afternoon, Thursday morning, Friday evening and Saturday midday. He used to be in charge of lawn maintenance but found it difficult once he lost his ability to see so now he is the MC at all social events, quiz nights and christmas functions.


He doesn't let his disability get him down

Walter continues an active life style thanks to his white stick. He holds his head up with pride everywhere he goes – sure, he may not be able to see, but his sense of smell is excellent. Everyone in town knows and respects him – even the kids. He don’t take no flack from no one.


Life without eyes isn't so bad

Walter always looks dapper in his red bow tie and he pays particular attention to his whisker-mo. He looks after his health by eating plenty of fruit and vegetables and spending lots of time with his 143 grandchildren. He misses his wife who died a few years back from a mistimed road crossing but is proud of his family, his dedication to the community and the part he played in his club winning the 2008 national lawnbowls championship.

On sale soon!

Move Over Pumpkin Pie

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

There’s more to pumpkin than pie. That’s right, I’m talking about Jus Burger’s pumpkin burger, served on a crunchy roll with a wad of goat’s cheese and a smothering of pesto. I’ve tried their other burgers (ok, so maybe I’ve only had the chickpea once and I had a bite of the wagu with wasabi mayonnaise) and none compete. I always go back to pumpkin.

Pumpkin burger

Mmm... yum num num...

Jus Burgers has become an addiction – it was the first burger joint to really make it in Perth and now look at how many other burger restaurants are trying to get their share of the burger-eaters. I’ve only been to the Jus in Leederville and have been told by relatively reliable sources that the Subiaco version just isn’t as good. It is the perfect place to go before or after a movie at Luna – the food is consistently good, the staff are generally friendly and the service is fast. On Tuesday we had 30 minutes to order, receive, eat and leave before getting to our movie for a 6.30 start. EASY.

Highly recommended – you will get greasy, you will end up with half of your burger on your new dress and you will need a guilt-fueled trip to the gym the next day, but it’s worth it. GO PUMPKIN!

Jus Burgers on Urbanspoon

It’s a Beautiful Thing

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Last time I really, really wanted something, I wrote about it on here, dropped enough hints and to my huge surprise and absolute delight, some wonderful people picked up the clues and gave me a red felt travel wallet for my birthday! Christmas is only 95 days away (yikes…) and I have just been introduced to Ron D. Swan, the swan in Castlemaine, Victoria who makes beautiful pannier bags. Such a clever bird.

Look at these:

Ron D. Swan bag

I can't believe a feathered creature could make such a nice bag.

Saddle bag

Look! It comes in red!

The bags clip to the side of your bike for easy storage while cycling and can then be taken off and worn as a shoulder bag. Genius! They’re made from recycled canvas so they’re also environmentally a-okay. Not exactly cheap, but they’re so beautiful!

Not-So-Little Critters

Monday, September 20th, 2010

I love Little Creatures. The end.

No, not really, but I could leave it at that. Little Creatures in Fremantle is one of those places that you can’t not like. Well, I’m sure someone hates it, but the fact is it is generally noisy and excessively busy, the staff work at a crazy pace and look like they could do with a good shower, and yet it is a great place to sit with a group of friends or family and enjoy good food and beer. I’ve been to Little Creatures on many different occasions and have never come away feeling disappointed. The home-brewed beer is always tasty and the food on offer is simple and not over priced. The brewery building is fantastic – a large open space with heaps of standing areas and tables and chairs to go around, you never feel like you’re crowded. The seating area out the back by the water is a popular spot in summer and everyone wanted a table out there on Sunday afternoon when I went there for lunch. I, on the other hand, was opting for a table in the shade as my lighter-shade-of-pale skin was in a bit of a shock from the sudden arrival of the sun.

My boyfriend and I were in need of thirst-quenching liquids and decided act like the young and groovy people we’re supposed to be and wait in line to get in. This has been a recent phenomenon – the last two times queues have formed as they ‘reach capacity’. The turn over is generally fast enough so you don’t have to wait long. Once we got inside we then had to join another queue to wait for a table. We were inside by this point so waiting a bit longer didn’t seem like such a problem. The staff are very accommodating and were nice enough to give us a new table inside when the first one we were offered was in the direct sun with no possibility of shade until dusk. We shared three dishes – the grilled chorizo, nachos and a spinach, feta, pumpkin and beetroot salad. So good.


That's a spicy sausage!


Mmm.. cheesy nachos...

Beetroot salad

I love beetroot.

The chorizo was spicy and moorish, the nachos had a deliciously large serving of guacamole and that salad… well… what can I say? It had SPINACH, PUMPKIN, FETA, WALNUTS aaannnddddd BEETROOT. Add the avocado from the nachos and that’s everything a girl could ever want on one plate. Have I mentioned I’m currently addicted to beetroot? I’ve never cooked with it and am intrigued yet scared.

Anyway, Little Creatures. Fabulous. I’m so glad Perth has at least one place like this and that Melbourne wanted to steal it from us.

Little Creatures Brewery on Urbanspoon

Summer Already?

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Where has winter gone? I blame Canada. A few weeks ago I finally received my Elroy coat in the mail – it only took 2 months and 6 days to arrive from Vancouver. I still wonder where exactly it went… It could make a great book! But my point is as soon as my thick, warm, woolie jacket arrived on my doorstep the weather changed. The sun came out, the birds started singing and the flowers bloomed. Spring arrived and I haven’t been able to wear my jacket. THAT’S NOT FAIR.

On the other hand, spring is here! I love this season; particularly the smells. On the weekend, the scent of freshly hand-watered garden hit my nostrils. On my regular bike rides and walks through Kings Park I am filled with wafts of freesias and new growth. It is only mid-September and already I am contemplating shorts. Not so good for the farmers who need some rain, but I’m quite happy enjoying the sunshine. On the weekend I walked past a house in Fremantle that had a lawn of flowers. Sure, they’re evil weeds, but who wouldn’t want to roll in this?

Spring flowers

Hay fever, anyone?


Monday, September 20th, 2010

Great news, everyone! I linked all of my restaurant reviews to Urbanspoon (hence the ugly logos on my perfectly beautiful site) and as a result I have been listed as a restaurant reviewing blog on their site! And, according to some random ranking system that doesn’t make any logical sense, I’m currently ranked 34th! Not entirely sure how… but still! I’m now quitting my job and will spend the rest of my days eating in restaurants and writing reviews, simply to make it to NUMBER ONE. Watch my rapid climb to fame and fortune here.