Not-So-Little Critters

I love Little Creatures. The end.

No, not really, but I could leave it at that. Little Creatures in Fremantle is one of those places that you can’t not like. Well, I’m sure someone hates it, but the fact is it is generally noisy and excessively busy, the staff work at a crazy pace and look like they could do with a good shower, and yet it is a great place to sit with a group of friends or family and enjoy good food and beer. I’ve been to Little Creatures on many different occasions and have never come away feeling disappointed. The home-brewed beer is always tasty and the food on offer is simple and not over priced. The brewery building is fantastic – a large open space with heaps of standing areas and tables and chairs to go around, you never feel like you’re crowded. The seating area out the back by the water is a popular spot in summer and everyone wanted a table out there on Sunday afternoon when I went there for lunch. I, on the other hand, was opting for a table in the shade as my lighter-shade-of-pale skin was in a bit of a shock from the sudden arrival of the sun.

My boyfriend and I were in need of thirst-quenching liquids and decided act like the young and groovy people we’re supposed to be and wait in line to get in. This has been a recent phenomenon – the last two times queues have formed as they ‘reach capacity’. The turn over is generally fast enough so you don’t have to wait long. Once we got inside we then had to join another queue to wait for a table. We were inside by this point so waiting a bit longer didn’t seem like such a problem. The staff are very accommodating and were nice enough to give us a new table inside when the first one we were offered was in the direct sun with no possibility of shade until dusk. We shared three dishes – the grilled chorizo, nachos and a spinach, feta, pumpkin and beetroot salad. So good.


That's a spicy sausage!


Mmm.. cheesy nachos...

Beetroot salad

I love beetroot.

The chorizo was spicy and moorish, the nachos had a deliciously large serving of guacamole and that salad… well… what can I say? It had SPINACH, PUMPKIN, FETA, WALNUTS aaannnddddd BEETROOT. Add the avocado from the nachos and that’s everything a girl could ever want on one plate. Have I mentioned I’m currently addicted to beetroot? I’ve never cooked with it and am intrigued yet scared.

Anyway, Little Creatures. Fabulous. I’m so glad Perth has at least one place like this and that Melbourne wanted to steal it from us.

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