It’s my birthday!

Hooray! I turn into a 5 year old whenever my birthday comes around. I count down to it for at least a month, get so excited I can’t sleep (although it may have been thanks to the mexican food I ate last night this time…), and try and eat as much cake as physically possible on the day. I don’t know why I love it so much… I suppose I do love presents and the fact that I can act like a princess for the day and everyone has to be nice to me. But I think it is also the fact that, despite cynics who say “You’re only a day older than you were yesterday.”, it is a day in your life when you can reflect upon what you achieved that year and think about what exciting things will happen in the next. For me, I have quit a stable job and started my own business, learnt how to sew and fallen in love with socks. In my 26th year (yikes) I will live in Paris, improve my french and eat a hell of a lot of food. It’s all quite exciting and even though I haven’t yet managed to eat a single crumb of cake yet today, I’m quite happy.

You’ll be pleased to hear my dad bought me a stack of socks for my birthday – all with different colours, stripes, spots, shiny bits. Also I got a bag o’ buttons. So look out world – the Zaum Menagerie is coming to a store near you!

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