Chewy Fish

Ok, restaurant review of the day, number two.

I have been to Cafe Coast in Dawesville twice now and both times I came away feeling a bit “meh”. Yes, “meh”. The first time I went for lunch with a group of friends and while my thai beef salad was relatively ok, the service was rude and we felt like they’d prefer we’d never turned up at all. No one really raved about their food and it was all a bit expensive. Shame.

On the weekend, the boy and I returned to Cafe Coast for dinner and were greeted by some friendly waitstaff who were very cheery and helpful. A good start. The restaurant is located in Port Bouvard (I wonder if Rex Hunt eats here) and sits on the water’s edge but you wouldn’t know it. Both times I have been there the view has been blocked by black shade-cloth blinds and you just feel like you’re eating inside. The menu is your average Mandurah-ian restaurant fare with a large range of seafood options, all of them involving chips or a baked potato and salad. I’m not knocking this classic combo but it’s hardly exciting. Tom chose the Reef and Reef which was snapper and prawns smothered in a garlic sauce. Holy moly his breath smelt… Tom loved the sauce but I tried some and couldn’t stand the excess garlic. That said, Tom’s a garlic man and I’m not. So I guess that explains that.

I had grilled snapper with the potato and salad option. Let’s start with the positives – the salad was reasonable. It had some lettuce, a bit of tomato, carrot, cucumber, the usual. The potatoes were nice although someone appeared to have filled a piping bag with sour cream and then injected the potatoes with the white slop. I’m all for sour cream on potatoes but I’d prefer more potato than cream. And then there was the fish – I’m not an expert fish cooker but I do know that fish shouldn’t be chewy and taste like rubber when you eat it. There wasn’t any sort of sauce or lemon to go with the fish so it was like eating a slab of something from Clark Rubber. So considering the less than cheap prices I didn’t really feel like my meal was worth what I paid for it.

Cafe coast

Rubber fish and sour cream

As I was on holidays I wanted dessert (what am I saying… I always want dessert) and we were met with the usual suspects in the cake fridge. There was a slightly different ricotta and plum crumble which turned out to be quite edible and verging on delicious. Not too sweet and the combination of a tarty fruit and ricotta always works well. Mine had been zapped into sloppiness in the microwave but it wasn’t too bad. I wasn’t really expecting anything more.

So basically I would never go there again. But at least we felt welcome this time and they do have some rather fabulous live entertainment every few weeks – plenty of tribute bands and look-a-likes performing for your enjoyment. Freddie Mercury and Rod Stewart are apparently coming there in November. Maybe I will go back…

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2 Responses to “Chewy Fish”

  1. James says:

    I went to the november show night and it was great also went to one last one, cher and tom jones. it was a great night good service and awsome 3 course meal. Will be back for the next one! Did you end up going back?

  2. Jess says:

    Glad you enjoyed it, James!! I haven’t been back yet but I will keep it in mind.

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