Don’t Have a Cow, Man…

Mmm… burgers. Or should I say, “Mmmoooo… Burgers”. No, no I shouldn’t. Ok, so Friday night Tom and I went to Missy Moos Burger Bar in South Fremantle to sample what Matt Preston highlighted in the latest Delicious magazine. I don’t usually trust a man who wears such ugly shoes, and I find Matt Preston to be particularly off-putting, but I decided the only way to know was to give it a go.

Matt Preston

It's a sad day for all Home and Away stars when Matt Preston wins the Best New Talent logie

The place was buzzing on a Friday night – we had attempted to go there for a quick bite before a movie on Tuesday night but it is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Disappointing but most things on South Terrace looked closed so maybe it is some ‘anti-working-on-Tuesdays’ thing happening down that end of town.

Missy Moos Burger Bar

A fun place to go

Missy Moos’ burgers are different – you don’t find your usual combinations and it makes for an interesting range of options. The burger names are just as intriguing – most of them based on nursery rhymes. I chose the One Jumped Over the Moon – a beef patty with prosciutto and blue cheese. Most of the burgers contain spinach which is something close to my heart and I support completely. Who wants lettuce when you could have spinach instead! Brilliant. The burger was tasty and the beef patty wasn’t fatty and had a nice flavour. The prosciutto was fattier than I would have hoped but I’m not usually a fried-pork person so it wasn’t really made with me in mind. The bun was a disappointment – I found them quite stodgy and flavourless and I much prefer the Jus Burger bread.

Missy Moo Burger

Away it goes, over the moon

The great thing about Missy Moos is you can buy a soft drink there or bring your own wine or beer with no additional corkage. The restaurant is small but the high turn over means you won’t have to wait long for a table. Clearly a popular choice for families, it is a great place to have around the corner for a quick bite to eat.

The prices are good and the service is friendly. Definitely a thumbs up but I’d still choose Jus Burgers first. That said, there was a pumpkin burger on the menu but I was in the mood for meat. I might need to go back and give it a go.

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