Like Whoa Man!

Hey dudes! Wassssup? Ok I had planned on writing this entire entry in an American hippie voice but I am officially giving up as of… now. Meanwhile, meet Jeff!

Jeff the hippie


Jeff was born, raised and still resides in a small beach town on the coast of Queensland yet somehow he managed to get an American surfer accent. We think it’s because he spent a lot of time playing with a Surf’s Up Beach Ken Doll when he was a kid and has since based his accent on that. What we do know about Jeff is that he actually hates surfing as he is scared of sharks. Instead, Jeff spends a lot of his time in local national forests, looking up at the trees. He loves trees. If someone is planning on knocking down a tree, Jeff will be there protesting with his fellow tree-lovers, waving banners and shaking his fist.

Jeff the hippie

Soaking up the rays

Jeff in an outdoors man and whenever he has to be inside, he’ll take any opportunity to stand by a window and gaze at the wonders outside. This is a problem for him as he is the warehouse manager for a white goods company and so he has to spend a lot of time in a very big shed. How he managed to get promoted to manager, no one knows. He has no clue what is going on but he’s real friendly and a great boss to work for. If any of his staff want a day off, Jeff doesn’t question them for a second! “No worries! Take as much time as you want! I’ll handle the warehouse,” he says.

Jeff the hippie

Look at those long locks!

Around town, Jeff is known as the scruffy hippie who desperately needs a haircut but everyone knows he’s harmless. He wouldn’t hurt a fly. In fact, he likes to help out whenever he can and last week he was seen helping old Walter, the blind rabbit, get a can of carrots off the shelf at the supermarket. He’s a good soul.

Jeff the hippie

Handsome in his own way

Most people are surprised to hear that his cousin is Clarence – Miss Universe. While Jeff might scrub up ok after a good bath and some decent grooming, he’s hardly on the same level as his beauty-queen family member. They don’t talk much.

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