Moore Please

We were feeling radical (I blame the weather) and decided to mix it up a bit last Sunday by trying a new breakfast location. That’s right. Whoa. We ventured further into Fremantle and tried our luck at Moore & Moore on Henry Street. This café-cum-art-gallery is located near the Notre Dame university campus in the Moores Building and reeks of ‘cool’. You need to be tattooed, pierced or the member of an indi-band to work in this joint and I was relieved to be wearing my “What Would Maguyver Do?” tee from Threadless that morning.

This is a very breakfast-focused café and there’s an interesting selection of food for average prices. I chose the bircher muesli and a long black because… well… that’s all I ever eat for breakfast. The muesli wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either. The yoghurt mixed through wasn’t too sweet and overpowering and it was served with a decent amount of strawberries and banana on top. The muesli itself lacked flavour – there were a few big chunks of dried fruit in it but I could hardly taste them. It was bit soupy and could have done with a lot more crunch. But I guess it’s a preference thing and I’ve grown to love the bircher at Aubergines.

Moore & Moore muesli

Everyone likes garnishing muesli with mint.

The coffee was great and the setting was wonderful – if you walk through to the back of the café you can sit in a courtyard garden. On Sunday morning there was a band of 3 girls playing folky-acoustic music that provided a nice soft background noise. Everyone was happy. That’s always a good sign for a successful café.

Moore & Moore

Enjoying the morning sunshine

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  1. Alex says:

    Hello ms radiant,

    Velia and i popped our head into that cafe about 8 months ago and actually wanted to do exactly what you have now done. maybe our next outing should be a breakfast ?


  2. Jess says:

    I’ll be there! :)

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