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Sunday morning came around again and Tom suggested we be adventurous in our breakfast locations and so we headed to Fidel’s Cafe in Fremantle. A relaxed joint offering organic and healthy food, free wifi (!!!), and a great courtyard out the back, Fidel’s certainly a carefree cafe. I suppose it reflects the Fremantle attitude and way of life – good food in a relaxed atmosphere. The breakfast menu is probably the reason to come to this place although it does offer some interesting lunch options and is open for dinner over the weekend. You can choose your usual egg-options (which as a non-egg-lover I ignored) and they have a good range of gluten free dishes. Their main selling points are their crepes and pancakes. You pay a low price for a basic pancake and then for each topping you add it costs you $1. Not bad really, unless you want a pancake with EVERYTHING in which case you should make it at home.

I chose a crepe with mixed berries, maple syrup and banana and it was mostly good except the berries were frozen (although in Perth I don’t expect anything more) and they had chosen to drench the crepe in berry juice. This resulted in a very soggy crepe which I really don’t like. I’m one of those people who likes eating dry bread, dry crackers, plain rice, no sauce, no flavourings. Nothing. So the same goes for my preference for crepes but if soggy crepes are your thing then you’d probably love this one! Tom put strawberries (fresh), syrup, banana and ice cream on his crepe and it was much more my style. Both were well cooked though, which is a relief as Australians tend to fail at crepe making.



The coffee was good, the service was slow. But if you’re not in a rush and you’re not really starving (it was late in the morning… I was hungry and therefore grumpy. The slow service didn’t improve my mood.) then it wouldn’t matter! Not the most amazing place in the world but not bad either.

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