Food, Food, Glorious (Sydney) Food!

What would be the point of going to Sydney and not eating delicious things? Sure, I might come away  with a visa for France, but where’s the fun in that? My friend Gill took me to the GPO Cheese and Wine Room, aka the cheese temple, on Friday night. It is located in the fancy grey-pants zone of Martin’s Place where all of the money people work. Located downstairs in the GPO, the cheese room is quite amazing. SO MUCH CHEESE! You can choose from one of their suggested combinations or pick 50 gram serves from their range of cheeses. We chose to do the latter.


Someone invent a time machine – I need to get back to the cheese!

What a night. We choose three cheeses – an italian washed rind, an amazing blue, and an ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT French soft cheese with truffle. You can tell which one was my favourite. So so so good. We drank a bottle of New Zealand Pinot Noir and chatted for a few hours, stopping every now and then to remind each other how good the cheese was. Since living in France I have become quite picky about cheeses and always search for strong flavoured cheeses that leave you with bad breath. The stuff in Coles just isn’t cheese. I wish to live in the GPO Cheese Temple and become Jess – Queen of Cheese.

While I’m living in Sydney, I may as well also become Jess – Queen of Cakes. I ate some cake on the weekend as well. Nothing particularly breathtaking but the winner was definitely a pistachio and chocolate tart from the cafe at Alliance Francaise. We were served by an adorably French waiter who was overly polite and had the NICEST accent in the world. I fell in love with him briefly (sorry, Tom!) and turned into a giggling 13 year old every time he brought us food. Anyway, back to the cake. Gill and I shared the chocolate cake and a tarte tatin, a classic french dessert that is always a winner. Both were scrumptious and clearly made by French people who actually know how to make French cakes. I get sick of eating ‘french food’ that was cooked by someone who has never even been to France. I’d just like to say – there should never, EVER, be custard in an almond croissant. It is disgusting, wrong and should be illegal.

French cakes

Les gateaux

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