West End Wickedness

So so so so good. West End Deli. Go. There. Now. And order a chocolate and pecan brownie and discover the inner gooey goodness like I had the fortune of doing yesterday.

I had heard good things about the West End Deli and finally found an opportunity to go there for coffee with my friend Louise. We were the only customers having coffee at the little corner cafe in Leederville. The inside of the cafe is brilliantly decorated – perhaps this is just because I have a huge desire to hang chairs on walls and they have managed to do this! Wonderful. The cake selection caused much discussion and “Ooh, it’s too hard to choose”es but my gut instinct told me to go the brownie. Thank you gut. It had a crisp top, a soft bottom and an oh-so-good gooey centre. Absolutely fab. Sadly I had to go home and have dinner so I couldn’t have a second. Louise chose a strawberry and lemon friand which also received a thumbs up.


A very blurry photo – a very awesome brownie.

The food menu looked interesting and they were setting up for Friday night dinner with white linen table clothes. It looked great next to the wooden decor in the cafe. The prices on the dinner menu weren’t exactly cheap but I have my suspicions that the food would live up to the price. Definitely one to try.

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