I literally said “ARGG!!” this morning as I sat down at my computer, turned to my left and discovered this big fellow had decided to sit on my “To do” pile.

Giant Grasshopper

I call him Greg.

As stated in previous entries, I’m not a girly-girl who screams at all things bug-like but if it is big and it has wings then I will freak out a bit. No one (ie. my mum) was home to save me so I had to deal with him myself. I couldn’t just leave him because then I’d leave the room, he’d go and hide somewhere and scare me again later by creeping up under my skirt or something insecty-evilish. Thankfully I still had a plastic container left over from my Easter chocolate on my desk (yes… gross)¬†and so I ensnared him and took him outside where he belongs. He looks quite small in this picture, but he was at least 7cm long and had giant antennae. Once he was inside the container I became quite good friends with him. We formed bonds and it was hard to say goodbye once we reached the great outdoors. But now he is happily scrounging away in the garden and hopefully hasn’t been eaten by the family of butcher birds.

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  1. Matilda says:

    This is what I do to every time I read someone wax lyrical about Muse – I go ARGHHH. Muse are the worst band on the planet at the moment bar none. There is nothing redeeming about them. They should be set upon by a plague of Gregs.

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