She’s Jazzin’!

And one! And two! And lift those legs! Go go go go!



No one can burn fat, increase heart rates and tone your butt like Tania. She knows all the best moves to get you into the best shape possible. Tania runs Jazzercise classes at the local gym three times a day, and never tires from all that exercise. She is super fit, super strong and super sexy. Everyone comes to her classes in the hope of looking as good as her one day, but for a body like hers, you need to live Jazzercise.

Tania has had a troublesome life – she was born into a large family and Super Chicken is her brother. They both have impressive hair styles and that bottom… A clear genetic connection. There is, however, some speculation and gossip around the town that suggests Tania’s biological father was in fact the dark and mysterious duck who passed through briefly in 1987. She definitely has his plumage on her wings. Because of this, Tania always felt somewhat excluded from her family and left home at a young age.


She's sporty!

Tania lived on the streets and in hostels for some of her teenage years until one day she was in her local Target store and saw a Jazzercise instruction video. The rest is history – she cleaned up her act and took up Jazzercise for a living and hasn’t looked back. She has even made an instruction DVD of her own and was featured on morning television.

She doesn’t speak to her brother much as he is usually busy fighting crime and saving the world but she is starting to attend family gatherings more often. She is hoping to release a range of Jazzercise outfits mostly made from silver lycra. So far she has designed a matching sweat band and leg warmers set and she has been in discussions with the folks at Nike to develop the range further.



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  1. Chuck says:

    Where can I get a copy of her DVD? Tell Tania, if she is ever in Texas I’d be happy to teach her how to execute a round house kick and I’d love to introduce her to God.

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