Sore Tooth Gary

No one likes to feel unneeded, unloved, unnecessary. Gary was quite happy filling the gap in a perfectly good set of teeth, nestled up the back with the other molars. He was in good shape and wasn’t experiencing any sort of decay. But one day a visit to a dentist saw him replaced by a shiny gold upgrade. His celebrity owner no longer wanted regular white teeth – gold implants gave him the extra bling he desired and Gary couldn’t provide.


How can you not love a face like that?

And so Gary was disbanded, alone in the world where everything was new and foreign. His fellow extracted teeth were tossed into a bin, never to be seen again, but Gary managed to fall to the floor and freedom was his.

If only Gary wanted freedom. Now he had to find his way in the world with no money, no job, no where to live. Life in a mouth was so comfortable and secure and now he had to fend for himself.


He's so little!

Gary realised he needed to find himself a job and googled “Jobs in demand”. He chose the first one he saw and enrolled in Accounting 101 at university. He hated it. He still does, but he now gets up in the morning, eats baked beans on toast, puts on his ragged backpack and walks into work where he spends the day staring at spreadsheets.

He has no friends, he never goes out and since being removed from his previous owner’s mouth, he no longer gets the nutrients and daily brushing he requires to keep shiny and white. He is slowly turning brown and decay is eating him from the inside out. One day there will be nothing left of him. No wonder he looks so sad.


All he has are his dreams.

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