A Long Walk

This morning I woke to blue skies and sunshine and declared that today was the day that we would do my favourite walk of Paris. You start at the Eiffel Tower and then make your way along the Seine, ducking in and out of streets as you feel like it, spotting monuments and art galleries along the way. Stop half way near the Tuilleries for lunch and then continue on to Notre Dame. From here you can either continue along the river or, as we did, turn north and head towards Sacre Coeur and home.

On previous visits as a tourist this walk has involved more deviations and exploration of side streets – today we walked in a fairly straight line so it took far less time and my feet aren’t as tired as they normally are. I wore my Garmin GPS running watch to record where we went and how far it was and how many calories we burned. Here was where we walked:


Not the clearest map but you get the idea

It was 11.2km and we burned 669 calories, which would be good if we hadn’t both consumed large baguettes and macaroons each. Tom also had a chocolate mousse and a can of coke for lunch so I feel better about my calorie consumption. You will be able to see more photos on my Flickr site once I upload them. This may take awhile as our internet doesn’t like letting us upload photos. That’s far too high-tech.

Anyway, the walk was as lovely as usual, although after lunch, while sitting in the Tuilleries eating our macaroons, it started to rain and became quite cold. The sun only lasted until we got out of the metro at the Eiffel Tower and from then on it was just grey cloud. Such a shame.

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  1. Deanna says:

    I remember doing a walk like that during my last visit – it nearly killed me!! We started at Sacre Coeur though and made our way back past the Eiffel Tower etc etc – we finished up having dinner at 10pm!!! Not too unusual in summer in Paris I suppose but my poor feet!!!!

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