A Night Out

Last Sunday night, Tom took me out for a slap up meal at our local joint. I had walked past this bar-slash-restaurant many times on my way to the supermarket and had spotted it in two travel guides for Paris. I dropped enough hints and on Sunday night at the French-dining hour of 8pm, we headed to the other side of the canal to Hotel de Nord. This place featured in a film (also called Hotel de Nord) in the 1930s and is a cosy space with lots of wood, white table cloths but a relaxed atmosphere. We had been previously for a beer on a sunny afternoon and the slightly fancy looking dining area appealed greatly to me.

The menu is a typical bar selection (by that I mean a French bar – definitely no fish and chips and BLT on this menu) with steak, seafood and even a vegetarian risotto. It isn’t every day that you find a vegetarian option on a french menu. Tom and I both chose the steak special which was a big piece of meat, lots of chips and a tiny addition of lettuce.


Côte de boeuf avec sauce aux shitaki et frites

The steak was deliciously juicy but had a few chewy bits which was disappointing. Luckily it was followed by dessert.

WOW. I’ll start by telling you that Tom had a panna cotta with berries. Meanwhile, I chose the chocolate and basil tart. Have I already said Wow? Well, it was. Dark chocolate mousse with a hint of basil on a crunchy pastry bottom. PLUS they had some how managed to caramelise an entire fresh basil leaf that was crunchy and sweet and yet basil-ish and it was stuck in the middle of the mousse. It was BRILLIANT! I have never had that or contemplated that before. So so good. This delight was then served with sesame seed ice cream, which again was astonishingly brilliant. I finished it and wanted more. The fact that this restaurant is a mere two minute walk away is not a good thing for my waist line. I’ll be over there in a second for more dessert.

Chocolate tart

Oh how I love French pastry chefs.

It’s great to find a nice local restaurant to go for dinner. Not the cheapest option but so good. There are lots of restaurants in our neck of the woods that we want to try out so I think it might be my turn to take Tom out for dinner next. It’ll probably be soon because I can’t wait to eat.

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