I Laughed So Much I Have a Headache

I have just returned home from one of the most ‘how on earth?!’ experiences of my life. I expected to come to Paris and have to fight my way through crowds at every event or show that I attended. I most certainly didn’t expect to spot a tiny poster advertising the American comedian Rich Hall on a window across the canal from where I am living. And then to reserve tickets at just 15 Euros each to sit in a tiny art gallery space with about 30 other people to watch Rich perform. The microphone kept disconnecting, there was a dog sitting in the front row and there was free wine and peanuts afterwards. Rich was hilarious and I managed to avoid becoming part of his show by following my dad’s advice and not sitting in the front row. That said, there were only about 4 rows so it was hard to avoid being at the front. What a great night.

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