What are the Chances?

You’re in a foreign city with an area of 86.9km² and a population of over two million. You know less than 10 people who live in the city. What is the likelihood that you will see a friend who arrived on the plane just an hour earlier in the metro on the otherside of the train line? Apparently quite high. Last night Tom and I saw our friends Sarah and Brandon (a Frog and a Yank who are touring Australia this year and who we met before we left for France – they are back in Paris to apply for visas etc) standing on the opposite platform at a random metro station in Paris. We all had dumbfounded looks on our faces and all I could do was whack Tom in the arm and point at what I was seeing. Remarkable.

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  1. Deanna says:

    There are no coincidences – happens to me all the time. Like walking into the gold shop in Florence and the woman behind the counter (serving) was Australian and after chatting we worked out she went to the same primary and high school as me but was a year older – how bizarre!! What the hell was she doing in Florence selling gold????(She did tell me but that is a looooong story) Anyway her link to me helped me broker a good deal on a leather coat across the piazza – see – the world is aligned for a reason. Maybe you were meant to talk to this couple (not just wave)………………..or has seeing them made you think of doing something………apart from write in your blog and bla bla bla bla bla stop Deanna.

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