Last Minute Lyon

We had been looking at organising a weekend away with Rom and Coup and with everyone’s up-coming travel plans we only had two weekends available. Last night on SNCF (French train company) website, they released some last minute cheap tickets where if you travelled in groups then the cost of the ticket reduced. We are a group! So tomorrow lunchtime we’re getting on a train to Lyon and spending the weekend exploring the city. I have been to Lyon once but I was alone, depressed and wanted to go home the entire time so I am looking forward to seeing it in a much more positive light.

We return to Paris on Sunday evening and then first thing Monday morning Tom and I are catching separate trains to Koblenz in Germany to attend Tom’s grandfather’s funeral. He sadly passed away recently and as we’re not far away we are going to join the family for the ceremony. So it is travel travel travel for us. This is more like it – I haven’t felt this nervous about catching so many trains since I was last living in France so clearly we’re finally doing the right thing and are being frivolous and crazy young people living in Europe. HOORAY!

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  1. Deanna says:

    Please pass on my condolences to Tom on the loss of his grandfather – not a happy occasion to be visiting beautiful Koblenz but funerals are healing times because we meet up with family and friends and have a chance to reconnect and forge new connections. I spent one beautiful day exploring Koblenz in 2009 and Allen bought me a gorgeous handmade necklace – in the shape of the rivers – Rhine & Moselle on which Koblenz lies.xx

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