Location Update

Greetings to all.

I am currently sitting in a sunny upstairs bedroom at Tom’s Oma’s house in Koblenz. I have already spent one week in Medemblik, Holland, with my parents and have a few more days in Germany before we head to Crete. Much fun has been had, bikes have been ridden, trampolines have been bounced and mud has been walked. One of the highlights that I will have to write about later is when my mum’s cousin and his family took us to the most northern point in Holland and made us (yes, FORCED us) to walk out into the North Sea. Thankfully, the tide had gone out, but it left behind a very muddy seabed which completely ruined my shoes. It’s a long (and good) story that needs to be told at a later stage when I’m not hungry and thinking about breakfast. In the mean time, I invite you to visit my Flickr site to see my photos. I’m putting them up slowly when I have free moments and access to internet.

Ooh breakfast calls!

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