The Greeks Are Ahead of Everyone

I am currently sitting in the Athens airport using free internet thanks to the wonderful Greeks. I have been to many airports in my life and most of them make you pay to access the internet. Not the Greeks. Sure, they may be bankrupt. They may only work for half of the year and spend most of that time chatting with their friends drinking ouzo, but they know how to provide their travels with useful, entertaining and necessary internet access. Thank you, Greece. I love you.

So in 30 minutes I am getting on my second plane for the day and flying to Crete. I have already spent two hours in a car driving from Koblenz to Frankfurt and then another two on a plane to Athens. When we arrive in Crete we’re getting our hire car and driving for almost three hours to Plakias where we will finally get out of moving vehicles. That will be nice.

I am very excited about getting to Crete – two years ago when Tom and I first travelled together, we spent two weeks in Crete riding around on a scooter, eating delicious Greek yoghurt and swimming in very blue water. I have been dreaming about going back since the day we left. Excitement plus. Hurry up, plane!

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4 Responses to “The Greeks Are Ahead of Everyone”

  1. Chuck says:

    I’ve beaten a few Geeks in my World Championship battles. Never thought they were ahead of anything.

  2. Harold says:

    Watch out for CRETINS

  3. Chuck says:

    Not sure about the Cretins, but I would watch out for the strange guy wearing the old purple baseball cap, who appears in a few of your photos.

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