City Hopping

A monumental fact has just dawned on me that I probably should have realised earlier but it wasn’t until I sat still and thought about it for long enough that it all hit me in the face. I shall announce it in point form.

  1. Yesterday I was in London.
  2. Today I am in Paris.
  3. Tomorrow I will be in New York.
That’s three huge, giant, overwhelming, heaving, crazy cities in three days. Awesome.
P.S. It’s my birthday in three days.

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One Response to “City Hopping”

  1. Chuck says:

    I know what you mean kid. A few years back I did Houston, Austin and Dallas in three days. I thought, to myself and anyone else that was listening, “what a lucky guy”.
    I don’t know those places you mentioned but if the folks are friendly, I’m sure you will have a nice time.

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