Good Green Pizz

In Australia, going out for a pizza was generally a successful experience. Although usually overpriced, there were a few restaurants in Perth where you could find delicious, generous and interesting pizzas. Although definitely not ‘traditional’, care was taken in the bases, toppings and cooking methods and you were usually guaranteed a good meal. Paris is different – there are plenty of ‘Italian’ restaurants around offering pizzas, and sometimes announcing woodfired cooking, however they are generally all rubbish. You get the same toppings (canned artichokes, average ham, the wrong cheese (they use emmental for some unknown reason)) and then the base is usually covered in charcoaled bubbles around the edge and the middle of the base is soggy. Mmm.. delicious!

So my recent cravings for a good pizza were going unheard as I couldn’t bring myself to eat rubbish in order to satisfy a craving. It just wouldn’t do. Hence my excitement when I read about a relatively new pizza restaurant located not far from my place that was run by some young guys who were taking the pizza to a new level. They believed they had invented the “Pizz.” Their restaurant, GreenPizz, is designed to deliver a new concept for the pizza experience – interesting, healthy, bio toppings. Everything is home made, half the pizzas are bio, and they select only the best ingredients. Then they whack them on an oval shaped base and serve it on a cool, black, square plate. Cool.

So last night when Tom went off with some fellow computer-nerds to watch Captain America I invited the cooler, hip-er, more fashionable folk to join me for a GreenPizz. We got there at around 9.30pm (we’re in France) and were delighted by the smells wafting from the kitchen. We had an outdoor table on Rue Cadet which is a street lined with restaurants and food shops and is a quiet and calm place to sit. Very pleasant on a warm summer’s evening.

The choice of pizzas made life difficult – far too many potential winners – but I couldn’t go past my ultimate favourite, the Bayonette: tomato sauce base, delicious cheese (sourced from a farm in some far off village in France), AMAZING cured ham, rocket and parmesan cheese. And yes, it was good. The base was a bit overcooked and could have had a bit more substance and flavour, but the toppings were fantastic. The ham! Oh, the ham… I have never had such good quality ham on a pizza. It was deliciously salty, lightly shaved and clearly from a very happy pig.

Green Pizz pizza

Deliciousness on a pizza base

My three dinner guests all enjoyed their pizzas – there was a duck pizza (again, we’re in France), a mushroom pizza, and then the All Green pizza which was… well… green. Rocket, peas, herbs. It looked a bit like a salad on top of a pizza base. The service was particularly friendly (and good looking) as we were some of the last diners and we had a bit of a banter with the waiter. They are very proud of their business and the food they produce which I think always helped in the quality of the product. I will definitely be going back for more GreenPizz, particularly if they give me another free cookie for dessert.

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  1. jean jacques says:

    bonjour jess toujour aussis gourmande et passioner de la gastronomie elle etait bonnr la pizza

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