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I Had a Dream

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

For many people who go to a new country and learn a new language, there is a point in time when you are clearly comfortable enough with the language that you start dreaming in it. I am not a huge dreamer, and if I do dream I never remember it in the morning, so I’m not entirely sure whether or not I dream in French. I would like to say I do because I know many people who have been learning French for a much shorter period of time than me and yet they have been able to dream in French. That’s not fair.

However, last night I had a dream that was half in English and half in French AND it would make a fantastic television game show. It would have been entirely in French, however I was in it and I was stumbling along with my not-quite-perfect speaking ability. Essentially the dream involved me partaking in a competition where I had to run around a supermarket putting items into a trolley. Yes, it was essentially Supermarket Sweep, however it was in French and we were given little electronic note pads that listed an item we had to find. Once we had found it in the supermarket and put it in our trolley, the note pad then changed to show a different item which we had to find. It was great fun!

However, I was at a slight disadvantage as the other competitors were French and therefore didn’t have to translate the item they were being told to search for. However, they were both male and therefore didn’t think like a supermarket aisle, something I am particularly skilled at. So when the next item was a ‘measuring tape’, the boys had all gone to general homewares section, where as I knew it would be in the sewing department. HA HA! Winner!

Actually, I don’t know if I won because I woke up before the competition had finished. But I felt like I was doing ok. I have high hopes for coming back next week to play on for more great prizes!

A Beaut Birthday Present

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

I can finally reveal to the world a project that I was working on over the last couple of weeks. It was a birthday present for my Dad and it finally arrived in Australia, just 2 days late! Not bad considering the French postal service was involved.

Meet Chuck.



Never will you meet a more helpful man than Chuck. No task is too big, too hard, too heavy, too tough. Chuck will find a way to do it and without a complaint, without a sigh, he will get down to work (except electrical and plumbing work.) Chuck loves helping people but he doesn’t do it for the reward or the thanks – he does it because he knows it is the right thing to do. If he has the skills, knowledge or strength that a person needs in order to complete a task, all they have to do is ask.


He's handy.

Chuck loves working with his hands and when he isn’t helping someone you will find him in his shed. He dreams of having a big workshop in his backyard where he can keep his tools and have enough space to make things. Wood is his product of choice and he would love to spend all of his time building things such as surfboards, kayaks and fruit bowls.

The problem is, Chuck also spends a lot of his time fighting crime. He doesn’t go searching for trouble – trouble finds him. Luckily Chuck has a black belt in karate and is best friends with the local Chief of Police. Every time he encounters a baddies – BAM! Chuck roundhouse kicks him to the ground and sends him straight to the lock-up. Chuck was awarded a Citizenship award recently be he honourably declined, saying that he is just trying to keep the streets safe and he just gotta do what he gotta do.


Nice beard.

Chuck is a family man – he has a wife, three kids and a dog. He goes home every night at 6pm, just in time for dinner. Chuck thinks his wife is the best cook in the whole wide world and tells her that every night as he licks his plate clean. Chuck likes to encourage his kids to go out and follow their dreams and see the world. He’s full of great advice and he has really big muscles.

Chuck is NOT for sale because he now lives with my Dad and drives around in a white van in the western suburbs of Perth.