Good Old Country Feeling

My recent trip to Greenbushes included a stop in Balingup for a spot of lunch. My parents usually go to a French bakery, however they decided we would try the Balingup Bronze Cafe for a change of scenery – plus some unexpected cool weather meant we wanted to be able to sit inside.

A casual cafe, we were greeted by a very friendly and relaxed guy who instantly reminded me that I was no longer in Paris and that people working in hospitality can, in fact, smile. How strange. We ordered our food at the counter and then took our own water and cutlery and found a table. The restaurant lacked any nice external views and we were stuck sitting in an echoey room that wasn’t particularly relaxing.

The food made up for the lack of ambiance – home made and generous portions, it was simple yet tasty. The main feature of this cafe is that all food is gluten free, which was both a good and a bad thing for the quality of the food. The food was tasty, full of vegetables and the flavours were well developed, however the need for the food to be gluten free caused a few problems. I had a vegie burger which was a patty filled with chick peas, coriander and peanuts. While the flavour was good, it was crumbly and the texture wasn’t very enjoyable – a few too many lumps and it was floury from the crushed chickpeas. The patty was served on top of what was described as ‘toast’. Now I have had many gluten free breads – some good, some bad – and this was definitely a bad. It fell apart and had no flavour apart from a strange stale sensation. Considering the restaurant promotes itself as gluten free, you would think they would offer a good bread option.

Balingup vegie burger

Hearty food

Otherwise the food was great, with some fantastic potatoes and a decent salad. It was well priced and served by a guy who clearly loves the food he serves.
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