Round One

At 8 o’clock yesterday evening, the results of the first round of the Presidential election were announced. They had already been announced in every other country in the world, just not France. They like a surprise. Tom and I set up our computer-based television in the common room on the first floor and were joined by our friends Becky and Vivien to eat curry and watch the announcement. My curry was delicious. The election results were less great.

The results weren’t surprising – Sarkozy and Holland, the two strongest candidates were the leaders, with the difference in votes being a very small 1.4 per cent. This isn’t the end of the world, although Sarkozy and I have a mutual dislike for one another seeing as he’d prefer I wasn’t living in his country (damn foreigners).


Creepy man.

The scary part was the fact that the third highest scoring candidate was Marine Le Pen, daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen (notice their evilly similar names?), and pusher of extreme-right political views.

Marine Le Pen

It scares me that I have the same hair as her. Photo from

She wants to keep France for the French, kick all foreigners out and minimise trades between France and other countries. Her extremely racist views are quite horrifying – I would have hoped humans had learnt from their previous mistakes and could see the benefits in cohabitation by now.

It was disappointing to see Mélenchon miss out on a decent percentage of votes as he seemed to be one of the more level minded candidates in race. Plus he has such a happy smile. Who wouldn’t want that in a President?


See? So friendly!

So now we must wait another two weeks and watch more debates between Sarkozy and Holland. There’ll be more posters scattered throughout Paris that will soon have new moustaches and deformities. Then on the 6 May, France will vote again. And there’ll be another election party at the Récollets!

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