Potting About

For months I have been eyeing off some dirt that runs along the sides of the driveway behind the R├ęcollets. So much vegetable-garden potential. Recently some gardens have popped up and after some investigations I discovered that the plots are given out to people who live in the community and who have no garden space of their own. As a resident of the building, I figured I should be allowed a slice of dirt, and so I inquired and I am now a proud land owner (well, user as I haven’t bought it nor do I own it in any way) in Paris!

Recollets garden

Lots of little gardens

Becky and I are sharing a 180 x 100 patch of clay that we are hoping to turn into a blossoming, productive and essentially delicious garden. On Saturday we ventured to Truffaut, a garden and animal centre, and purchased plants and a 40L bag of soil improver.

Interesting fact: Carrying a 40L bag of soil improver from a shop to a train to home is about as fun as carrying a 40kg flat-packed shelving unit on the metro. Becky is wonder woman and carried it most of the way, while I mastered the ‘drag it along the shiny floor’ technique.

Anyway, we now have massive muscles and yesterday we planted our new plants. We have snap dragons (did you know they talk?! Becky showed me this for the first time… wow.) and marigolds; a lavender plant; some bulbs which we are hoping to see again soon; beetroot; various sorts of tomatoes; tiny lettuces; and mint, parsley and basil.

Vegetable garden

So much potential

We will soon be producing truck loads of vegetables and selling them at market stalls. And in the meantime, I can stick my head out of my window and throw rocks at any one who is attempting to steal our produce. You’ve been warned.

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