Les Jeux Olympiques

The Olympic Games snuck up on me – I thought they were going to start much later in August and then suddenly the opening ceremony was happening and athletes were competing. Normally I would watch a fair amount of the games, keenly discovering new sports that I never knew existed and cheering for the Australian competitors. This year, not so much.

I feel completely separated from the Olympics and haven’t sat down and watched any of the sports for the past week. I didn’t see the opening ceremony and I have no idea how many medals Australia has won. I have heard on the grape vine that Australia’s sports media aren’t overly impressed with the efforts of our team and that somehow the French have won more medals than us. Really, I don’t care, but it does surprise me that a country that doesn’t know what sport is, and that thinks me going for a jog in the morning is equivalent to running a marathon every day, is beating one of the world’s ‘top sporting nations’.

I have turned on the television to see what was happening in the Games once or twice, and have been warmly welcomed by the French equivalent of Johanna Griggs – a man with very large glasses and particularly impressive hair.

Olympics commentator

If hair was a sport, he’d win the gold.

He is very entertaining, purely for his eyebrows which even stand out behind his huge glasses. Also, when I would normally be transported from event to event following the Australian competitors, I am now kept up to date with how the French are doing. From what I have been hearing from the Australian media, the French commentators are much prouder of their team and will exaggerate and praise the skills and talents of their competitors, even if they come last. I like this. The Olympics are so serious these days and the amount of pressure that is placed on the athletes is ridiculous. I thought sport was supposed to be fun.

Olympic screen at Hotel de Ville

A giant screen has been set up outside the Hotel de Ville for everyone to watch the Olympics

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